Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

ASSimilation retrospective


Now this visual configuration reminds Me of someone I used to know! She was useful in several ways at the time, but a total headcase besides. I actually told her to go away on a few occasions, yet she persisted. Suffice it to say, she was indiscriminate in her associations, as well as being brain damaged from hallucinogens, but she was available for the moment at the time, so I allowed her salacious temporary company. She would hypothetically still be useful in this capacity.

Needless to say, one does not "convert" to Satanism, which she believed, any more than a snake is other than a serpent to the core, even with self-realized obfuscation - self-deceit in that case - the very notion connotes ignorance of the basic precepts thereof, as in BORN, NOT MADE.


  • In the sense that these types are capable of imitating the Satanic state of being, and attempt to be "made, not born", becoming familiar with the jargon and going through the motions, but are ultimately false to the core, many times cribbing from an actual Satanist's personality. Whereupon exposure, and/or separation from the Satanist's presence, revert to their true non-Satanic dispositions, most times containing some variation of blindlight self-deceit. - Dractionary.
Tags: comedy, dractionary, dracumentary, history, humor, loki's laughter, memes, mental illness, pleasures of the flesh, sex

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