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ITEMS: Apple vs. FBI | McAfee suggestions

I heard about this a few days ago. Apple does have a knack for making some bad decisions from time to time - not usually, but when they do, it is a large mistake. Notably, the last case were cowardly misgivings about Satanists enthusiastically participating in the "Think Different" campaign, until it was finally formally established that we obviously Think TOO Different, yet remain supportive of the superior technology for selfish reasons.

Now this. The freedom from viruses, hack attacks, and higher quality of security is understood & appreciated, yet this can be preserved in strict confidentiality. But of course Apple should cooperate with the FBI in select cases dealing with terrorist investigation, lest it lapse into possible treason. I'm sure the great majority of Apple users would agree - I certainly do. It is a matter of national security, and gaining information contained in those iphones could be very valuable in preventing future related calamities, as well as capturing, and dealing justice towards those responsible in contributing to the initial events. Until this occurs, as much as I appreciate and utilize their fine products, it is an obvious matter that the company should be boycotted*. This would only remain between the FBI & Apple - none besides need be concerned, by bringing in a team to open the phone under FBI supervision, even within their own lab. No backdoor software program necessary, which may be too dangerous to create, but an individual decryption.

Otherwise, the software itself may become a veritable 'X File', as it were. Had they cooperated before the government was left to its own devices with the natural progression of investigation, then no data would have been "lost" - best cooperate now before any more is allegedly gone. At this point, it may even become a matter of aiding and abetting.

The forbidden fruit should be offered to those who can appreciate it, savor it, utilize it best, especially in a matter of such importance. ∞

* It just so happens that Trump has since stated this as well.

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