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When Chimps Attack!

Link: Chimp Attack Gravely Injures Man

I have been familiar with the travails of Moe the chimp ever since he bit the finger of some nosey woman who was twiddling her finger at him through the cage. The owner speculates that he may have thought her red painted nails resembled licorice, and that is why he bit, but I do not blame him anyway, as annoying as that must have been. Unfortunately, because of this incident, the owners had to submit him to an animal sanctuary first in the Angeles Forest, then to Bakersfield.

This reminds Me of Dr. LaVey's situation with Togare, wherein he had to send him to the San Francisco zoo because of complaints from sh*t-disturbing, cowardly, and probably antagonistic neighbors, despite protests from local children that he remain. Togare eventually retired to Tippi Hedren's Shambala Animal Preserve, where he sired several cubs.

This event also reminds Me of a trip I took to The Zoo once, where I befriended a spider monkey. As I walked into the monkey exhibit area, I noticed these two gleaming eyes staring at Me from the branches, and as I approached to investigate, down came this lithe primate who readily affixed to the cage bars before Me. He/she reached through the bars to Me, and I held hands with it {I Am only referring to he/she as "it", simply because I do not know its gender}, and remember it having the softest hands, like new suede, and before long I found Myself in an embrace with it. Someone took a photo of us at one point. As time came to move on, I felt such a feeling of regret from spidey, and it was all I could do to depart that place. So every time I Am at the zoo, I always look for My friend. I have decided that if I ever bring a monkey home, it would definitely be a spider monkey. Such affectionate and loving creatures.


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