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Satanic Dungeon in Chuck E. Cheese basement


Satanic Dungeon in Chuck E. Cheese basement

Harkening to The Satanic Panic, this story appeared on My feed yesterday, and immediately seemed suspect being so outrageous, but would make for an amusing episode of Tales From The Darkside. It was immediately debunked by Snopes, and derivated from a fake news parody site. I actually recognized that center pentagram image from somewhere on tumblr, and it turns out the "suspect" photo originates from a sex offender mugshot. It does probably purposefully, resemble "Herbert the pervert" from Family Guy.

Perhaps it would be an amusing skit to feature a Chuck E. Cheese pizza cult complete with pizza sacraments, snackrifices, robes comprised of pepperoni & other various topping designs, with the High Priest being the "Big Cheese".

The last time I was in this early 20th century themed pizza restaurant was sometime as a small Dracling. The zoomorphic robotic characters animate and otherwise appear from behind curtains on the walls to musically entertain while one dines. Chuck E. Cheese's is basically a playhouse filled with carnival-like games such as coin machines for rides, a jukebox, ball toss, ring toss, to shooting games, a video arcade, and more. Chuck E. Cheese himself is a giant rat in a straw hat who dances for one if the price it right.

The food itself is mediocre, sort of bland, but the environment is the main attraction here. What is of pertinence are the animatronics, much like Disneyland's enchanted tiki room performances, creates an overall charm, if so inclined. ∞

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