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Out of Egypt: Birth of The Devil


Subject: Psychology of Religion 101

A rather curt, visceral documentary with nice infernal art on the aesthetics, characteristics & origins of the Satanic archetype from several mainstream blindlight religious perspectives, with a mytheological concentration on dualism.

A basic primer that may be complementary to beginning students. Conducted by a UCLA "party school" graduate {considering current academic standards}, she travels/vacations to various historical locations with interviews of limited substance, looking attractive all the while.

Note: the shoulder angel/devil is not biblical, but perhaps would make for a great neck tattoo idea, and otherwise remain relegated to Loony Tunes cartoons.

It can be considered that most ALL mythologies can be traced to one degree or the other to Egypt simply because it is one of the most ancient cultures. The Satanic is nascent in all civilizations throughout history due to humanimalkind's primal nature, evolution, and resonant psychology.

The Religion of Satanism is not featured, so here is the Satanic perspective:

The Infernal Names
{Regarding those mentioned in this presentation}

  • SET: The Egyptian Netjer of Darkness, shadows, storms, chaos, war, & the Night, in both a complementary psychological & elemental sense. From whence the serpent totem derives; The Basilisk, Dragon, et al, as associated with Satan. With Luciferian traits of manipulation, forbidden knowledge, supreme aspiration, rebellion, stealth, & deadly force. Also encompassing the Caduceus {Rod of Asclepius}, Double Helix & Alchemy {medicine, science, herbs, potions}, depicted phallus upon The Sabbatic Baphomet. [Note: Amon should also be included as The Ram of The Sun/Moon/Stars, with aesthetic association to the Sigil of Baphomet.]
  • PAN/DIONYSUS: Carnality, celebration, libations, indulgence, the multiple pleasures of the senses, inner/outer Nature in lush glory, fertility in mind & body, which is the temple of the flesh. Aesthetic zoomorphic representation symbolizes the humanimal realized, & the 1st & 7th Satanic Statements in particular. May the temples be preserved & rebuilt! Further evolution of Baphomet.

  • MITHRAS {Roman} has little to nothing to do with Satan, but moreso with the subsequent Catholic conversion plagiarism of the nazarene myth, even down to the most obvious birthdate of December 25th. It is more significant of sacrificial seasonal transition, concerned with the Sun, not a 'Son'.

Overall, with a plethora of nomenclatures, SATAN is multidimensional, representing Strength, Force of Will, fertility of body & mind, rebellion when needs be, and independence of thought & action. Psychological Reflection & Resonance, Dynamic Hellemental Force, Black Earth Shadow Forces of Darkness, that which is Occult, mysterious, & fearsome. Yet also perfect balance, as exemplified in the Sabbatic Baphomet, The All-One. Thus exceeds the limited traditional dualistic notion of "good & evil", exacting to an individual, subjective sense only. Satanists utilize the beast qualities of The Devil, that which is most potently appropriate for inspirational goals and personal embodiment. ∞

Recommended reading on the subject of Satanism:

  • The Satanic Bible/Rituals/Witch, The Devil's Notebook, Satan Speaks by Anton Szandor LaVey.
  • The Satanic Scriptures by Peter H. Gilmore.
  • Church of Satan.
* Related: Satanism Through The Ages.

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