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Hare today, gone tomorrow?


ITEMS: Playboy to scrap nudity in magazine makeover | Nudes Are Old News at Playboy

About this Playboy situation, it really makes no difference in the bigger picture at all considering there are many other likened publications to choose from, and they will only be losing out on the revenue that Hefner's legacy has built. Whomever pushed such an absurd notion should be fired. Otherwise, lest he lost his marbles, I tend to believe that this is just a temporary sexperiment, possible publicity stunt, yet even so, both nude & non-nude versions should be made available so that readers may choose which one they like better.

Unfortunately, much of society now seems to be influenced by, and otherwise catering to, wimps and retards, and homosexuals have their own publications.

Playboy has always been the "safer" choice for famous actresses, models, musicians, entertainers of various sorts, even politician-related ladies to reveal themselves in as favorable a light possible while still experiencing the thrill of additional salacious attention, to the great appreciation of their fans and overall beauty, while still maintaining a complimentary reputation. However, any attempt to make it so-called "safe for work" is ridiculous, and only regresses the natural inclination. These are intended for private viewing, anyway.

The illustrations are always fantastic, with witty, zesty commentary relative to the primarily male-oriented heterosexual demographic, as reflective of the whole magazine.

As an adolescent Dracling, I too discovered Playboy, but soon graduated from that to the more titillating Penthouse, Hustler, to Cheri, Oui, Chic, High Society, Leg Show, Juggs, Lolita, etc., even to some of the more blatant spectacles, the likes of Screw and Swank. All acquired & observed by secret means of course, which is part of the charm. Among other items of interest, whether from dad's stash, friends' finds, or sneak peeks at magazine racks at convenience stores, book stores, markets, etc., wherever it caught the prurient eye, not to mention the hidden peepholes at local strip clubs. Residing in the San Fernando Valley at the time, it was all fortunately readily available for lucky little devils to enjoy whenever possible.

Eventually, if the Playboy legacy is to survive, it will have to return to the regular format in due time. ∞

Dracommendation: Be sure to include these succubi to your collection...

Old Nick magazine

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