DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

How Californian Are You?

You are:
90% Californian
How Californian Are You?
You are pretty darn Californian. You're laid-back, politically liberal, and you take care of your body with exercise and eating mostly healthy, fresh food. You won't have a panic attack if you find yourself without a recycling bin, but you will go out of your way to find one. You also know that 'dude' is an acceptable way to refer to just about anyone.

Agreed, and I like it that way, except for the last sentence. I Myself do not appreciate being referred to as "dude", considering it an inappropriate misnomer, but consider this a kind of sheeple. Namely, stoner and surfer types.. ∞

Tags: games, interviews, memes, questionnaire, questionnaires, quiz, quizzes

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