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Satanic Style!

My new black leather trenchcoat arrived in the Hell-post today, and hardly anything substitutes for that certain leathery smell mixed with pheromones - like Satan Himself. I purchased My original black leather trench back in Year XXXIV A.S., just around the time that whole absurd Trench Coat Mafia debackle occurred, and it sure was fun to just merely be in the presence of herd, whose sideways glances, looks of fear, and whispers seemed to be more prevalent at this time. Reminds Me of a party I attended thereabouts which just so happened to be on a street named "Columbine", before which Myself and an acquaintance posed before, which then I was compelled to photoshop into the image you see to the right. What I really like about this coat is the design upon it - a very subtle stitched effect which alludes to the denizens of Hellraiser and even Edward Scissorhands.

Also acquired are a pair of shiny Engineer Boots - steel toe, buckles, high up on the leg {an acquaintance refers to them as "ass-kicking boots"}; yet I admire the Gestapo-like aesthetic, and it goes perfectly with the trench.

Tags: black earth, boots, dracumentary, leather, style, trenchcoat

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