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  • Definition: 1. False "friend"; 2. One who derives petty, cheap thrills from those they claim pretentious 'friendship' misfortune, often those who are better than they are, and reacting according to their actions, existing in a vicarious shadow of the object of their subconscious fetish. 3. "Friend" in name only, though do not embody that position in actuality; 4. Relative to the psychic vampire; 5. Negative acquaintance {worse than an honest enemy}. 6. May sometimes be a backstabber, gossiper, or traitor; 7. a leak in privacy from a formerly trusted source, breaching unnecessary disclosure.
  • Characterization: Smile up front, knife behind back. Magus LaVey's warning to "Beware of those who bow the lowest, they may be reaching for the carpet."
  • Etymology: A combination of the words schadenfreude {noun: "pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune"} and freunde {"friend"; Ger.}. ∞
Tags: dractionary

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