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Lo, in reflective resonance 'neath pentagonal lumination, doth The Mighty Wings of The Great Draegon cast coursing currents o'er the trembling earth where cloven hoofs tread.

The basilisk sheds, arising from purifying Hellfire, by breath & breast, kindling black flames to reveal the path marked by Daemon's forken brand.

By Lilith's lustful flame, The Gates are open! Lucifer casts up Thine benison. The pleasures of the flesh are myriad, indulgent cups savored, empowerment magnified, embodiment personified. ∞

Shemhamforash. Hail DRACONIS! Hail SATAN!

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Dracmas ∞, L A.S.
Haunted Noctuary, Draconian Empire

Let The Sacrifices begin!

I. Car crashes into SLA church; 2 flee 6 II. Street Racing, DUI Suspected After Car Crashes Into Culver City Church 6 III. Driver Plows Through Front Door of Baptist Church in SLA 6 IV. Fiery Church Crash In Tarzana

Behold, the sacrifices have presented themselves for Dracmas in the form of 4 automobile crashes into churches, and the following:



Blackthorne Theater

As a gift in reciprocation for Dracmas Offerings & regards, the following archival plethora of Horror spectacles for darksome amusement & contemplation.

October 6 November 6 December 6 January

Forthcoming Dracommendations shall also be announced on the twitter system. ∞

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