DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Children Shouldn't Play In The Street

This falls under the banner of plain sense. Responsibility to The Responsible. It seems rather obvious to an intelligent individual, but imagine 'parents' purposefully, irresponsibly, and inconsiderately placing their offspring into situations of high danger, while at the same time inconveniencing the neighborhood. This has been the sad case for a very long time all over world. It's an unconscious death wish bordering on negligence.

If such unqualified parents insist on allowing their children to play in the street, they should realize the high risks they are taking, and be prepared for the worst that will probably occur. It is supposed that charges adhere to a natural protective instinct, yet it may be marred with stupidity, for willingly and/or mindlessly, and/or lazily placing those they claim to love so dearly in potentially deadly jeopardy. The axiom 'Better Safe than sorry' strongly applies in this case, remaining yet another example for the necessity of parental licenses, since better judgement faculties seems lacking.

It is suggested that instead of the street intended for automobiles, try the park or playground instead - it's free, and contains all available equipment and space and even safety precautions they would need. A guardian would be all that is required to keep an eye on them, and thus, not obnoxiously bother neighbors with probable projectiles flying into windows, cars, pedestrians, causing obstacles for drivers, not to mention their own bodies being crushed and risk being ground into the pavement. The street is not a safe, appropriate place for play, plain and simple. Please take note:

The street is intended for automobiles. Sidewalks are for pedestrians. Parks are for recreation.

For such physical activity, try the Y, school programs, or The Mind & Body discipline of Martial Arts rather than mere spectator sports for dummies.

As a Dracling, it never occurred to Me to just start playing out in the middle of the road - for outdoors, there were fun & sensible places to go like a said park, movies, with a team, YMCA, dojo, arcade, library, the back yard, a friend's house, etc. There is an innate sense of self-preservation and appropriation that is sadly bereft to most, regardless of chronology.

It all seems an almost Rockwellian notion to have cheering, squealing kids wandering all over the street, which seems quite charming until one day an inevitable ton of rolling metal launches them across the road like a softball. Thus, for supposed caretakers and their unfortunate adolescent descendants, Darwinism takes precedence. ∞

Tags: dracling, dracumentary, herd mentality, herd stupidity, infernal progeny, martial arts, misanthropology, misanthropy, nature, physical culture, social commentary, social observation, sociology

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