Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Die Happy

One day as I was walking between classes at a hilly local campus which has a really enchanting view of the lovely cemetary next door, an individual walked up to Me and handed Me an unsolicited CD from a band named "Die Happy", which features a "happy face and cross bones" - rather silly, I thought; The inside sleeve depicts four or five "tough-guy" rocker 'dudes' in some dimly-lit underground {sewer?}, while on the cover, they are being radiated in the lightmare. So after class was over, I routinely would go over to the library and dig up some Occult material for personal and scholastic use, and I decided to take a listen. With "Satan Wants You" by Arthur Lyons opened before Me, and the earphones firmly on, I discovered that this was a hard rock band bordering on Metal, and also discovered that the lyrics were decidedly christian-oriented {which I suppose was the purpose of that anonymous stranger for attempted conversion}; so I ignorred that and focused on the music instead, and found that there were some nice melodies here and there, and realized that the potential talents here were squandered on the jesus subculture, wherein if they applied themselves in the secular arena, they may really go somewhere. So the CD has since joined the cavalcade collection somewhere.

Later I discovered that this band were comprised of former members of the Metal band "Vengeance Rising" {I noticed the stylized "V" in their logo resembling Venom's}; and thought to Myself, "what a waste!" - how many have fallen into the mediocrity of christianity's "White Metal" {Jeff Fenholt* comes to mind - former Black Sabbath stand-in singer turned absurd show-tunes and 50's rock amalgam, where he simply replaces the given lyrics with christian overtones}; the only viable band experiencing any kind of lasting, though still limited 'success' was Stryper, who took the jesus gimmick to the limit. Blindlight muzak has always been, and shall continue to be, a weak and unoriginal imitation of truly passionate and talented secular, wordly, and therefore, Satanic Music.

* One night, I was invited by some acquaintances at the time to attend a Jeff Fenholt concert taking place at a local church. The only reason I considered going was for the potential of meeting up with some attractive females there - it was the weekend, so I was game. I was already quite comfortably in Satanic awareness, so I thought the salacious possiblities would be worth the trip. When I arrived, I was being asked by several attractive nubile females waht My beliefs were all about, so I began "enlightening" them, as it were {although not veering into Solipsism - just giving them enough to suit My selfish purposes} - so there I was, with the majority of parishoners' daughters practically on My lap. attentive to My explanations, and it payed off - I did end up having quite an indulgent time before the night was through - but I digress - after a bit of time talking with these lovelies, I decided to enter in the main hall where Fenholt was 'performing' - basically, exchanging lyrics from established secular songs with christian references, just really weak. After listening to some of this, I departed to the back again, crossing My arms about My chest gesticulating Cornus with My hands, and joined the waiting girls again {I vividly recall the expressions on some faces when they saw this - quite amusing}. When Fenholt concluded, I went back into the hall which was becoming more and more vacated, with some lingering sheeple still therein. Sometime along the way, a woman approached Myself and My cohorts and began her conversion tactics. After dictating the so-called virtues of the nazarene, one question she asked which really stands out in My mind is "What has Satan freed you from?" After a brief pause, I stated "Guilt." With that, her face contorted, and she reverted to the lowest common denominator a christian exhibits - that of the mindless "jesus loves you" tired cliche', which to Me, is a blatant admittance of failure and defeat in a debate. With that, she leifted her head and hands into the air, and began babbling incoherently - real gibberish. I smiled, and left that place of abstinence for more earthly activities.

Tags: autobiography, devilutions, draconis blackthorne, evocations, music

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