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Labyrinth Park



Right to Left: Cross bridge, pass through 'gate' - Igloo {room enough to crouch low and/or sit cross legged; round room - crouching room; passing through the central "courtyard" on the right side, note the black spire; arrival at "jail" {barred room}; enclosed stair climb tower #2 onto 2nd floor platform & bridge which leads to climbing tower #1, leading down into secret passageways, low stoops leading to minimaze obstacles towards front of Labyrinth; 3rd far left tower contains external climbing rope and rope ladder.

I was recently reminded of this marvelous maze while watching an episode of Knight Rider entitled "Killer KITT" {though the park does appear in other episodes in several background shots as well as varying areas throughout the rest of the park like the playing field}. Known as The Labyrinth or Maze park, this is Sherman Oaks Park, now also known as "Castle Park".

This was a semi-regular Y Camp destination in remmus to spend the day, and otherwise just independently going year around, and it is great fun. I think the only thing I would foreseeably modify would be painting it stone gray or black {even "shades of black" - that is to say, various colors at their absolute darkest}, with or without textures.

Of course, the labyrinthine theme is reminiscent of HELLRAISER and LABYRINTH.

Passing across the bridge, one was sure to engage upon an adventure of epic proportions, by whatever land the imagination would conjure - it could be a castle, and one could be a knight; a monster inhabiting a haunted mansion; it could be a western towne a high noon, where one could be a Sheriff or desperado; it could be a pirate ship where one could be a buccaneer; perhaps even a space station, where one could be a character from STAR WARS, Star Trek, Flash Gordon, or Buck Rogers; maybe even a Noirsville as a detective or gangster.

There are varying sections throughout this labyrinth, with various levels or "stories", including a "jail"-like barred space with bench {however, this particular area tended to smell funny sometimes, like a lingering scent probably left over from hobos spending the night; otherwise, it was usually quite freshly cleaned early in the morning before arrival}, a tower to climb up and down within {with nice views up dresses}, various tunnels honeycombed throughout, other smaller bridges, additional 'hidden' stairwells, slides, climbing rope & ladders, false walls, all sorts of cubby-holes high and low in which to hide, watch, lay in wait, surprising playmates, even a central spire acting like a giant sundial.

A family could make an afternoon of it, reposing in the nearby grassy areas or roofed picnic tables. On the other side of the park is the baseball field and benches.

Seems a themed attraction was relocated nearby known as "Castle Park", yielding an enchanting ivy-covered castle structure, with minigolf, dragons, a moat, medieval decor, snackbar, while the former labyrinthine edifice was integrated into the recreational park a couple blocks away. ∞


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