Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

111 Questions

111 Questions

001:What is your biggest dream? Preserve a harem of nubile lovers.
002:What is the bravest thing you've ever done? Rescuing Alana from someone assaulting her as a Safety in 6th grade; chasing after purse snatcher.
003:Is it hard for you to show your feelings? Not to someone I completely trust. Also depends upon the feelings. I have no problems displaying My feelings towards those deserving, whether negative or positive. Strangers see nothing.
004:What is your dream job? Making a comfortable living with The Black Arts & Witch Crafts of Blackthorne Productions. What was your dream job when you were little? Cartoonist.
005:What is your favorite sound? Girls sighing while partaking Cummunion.
006:Would you rather be in front of the camera or behind it? Moreso in front.
007:What do you notice first when you meet a new person? (Both in real and on the internet) In potential lovers, Lips, butt. Generally, intelligence and religious disposition.
008:Is there anybody you *fully* trust? Myself, SATAN.
009:Do you like / love someone? If yes, who? "Like" as in Lust, yes, several. "Like" as in 'friend', no; "Like" as an acquaintance, yes. 'Love', yes, Dracovum, The Cabbie/s.
010:Have you ever received / sent hate? How do you deal with it? Absolutely. The Ritual Chamber with a Curse.
011:What are you going to spend money on next? Probably the internet bill.
012:What are three things you never leave your house without? Besides the obvious clothing, jewelry, sunglasses, wallet.
013:What is your favorite place? The Noctuary, My Draconian Church of Satan; between the legs of lovers.
014:Do you sing and/or dance in front of people? Not usually, just mates and the cats.
015:Have you ever cheated on a test? I don't recall, but Maybe, but not usually or likely.
016:What is your current desktop background? As of this moment, the silhouette of a arcane demon wielding a pitchfork {from the cover of Bathory's The Return opus}. The desktop is set to alternate.
017:How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Strong, beautiful, intelligent. Otherwise Omniscient, Omnipotent, omnipresent.
018:What does make you happy? Good sex, food, drink and smoke. Successful accomplishments, complements, feeling Power on all levels of being growing.
019:What time were you born? 6:03 pm {6+0+3=9} on an evil windy night.
020:Do you give second chances? Why? Yes, only through an apology and reconciliatory effort.
021:Name your biggest turn ons and turn offs. Turn-ons: Long hair, Glossy lips, lolita fetish, Goth girls, curvaceous symmetry. Turn-offs: Vulgarity, tattoos, very short hair, ghetto attitudes, obesity, emaciation, STD's, unhygienic.
022:When was the last time you hugged someone? Besides a cabbie, about 2 years.
023:What is your favorite food? Flesh, starting with beef {corned}, pork {pulled}, then chicken & fish; all accented with vegetables and fruit; fete diaboli inclusive of red wine & candle light.
024:Do you save money or spend it right away? I spend it on bills, but whatever is left over I have plans for and spend it ASAP on desirable items.
025:Do you have any tattoos? If yes, what are their meanings? If no, would you get any? No, and not likely. But if so, probably personal symbols of Satan.
026:Name five things you find beautiful. Streamlined bodies, lush Nature, Myself, books, art.
027:What is your favorite clothing style? (Both in you and others) In Myself, 'Draconian' - that is to say, a synthesis of Metal, Gothic, and Noir. Overall, Hellishly elegant. In others, form flattering aesthetics.
028:How do you cheer yourself up? Drink coffee & Masturbate; otherwise drink beer and smoke cigarettes.
029:Do you show affection in public? No, because it is nobody's business but My own and those concerned.
030:What is one thing you are looking forward to? Sexual gratification.
031:Have you ever been to other countries? If yes, where? Yes. Italy - Rome, Vatican city, Fiumecino. One of the ancestral homelands.
032:What was the last lie you told and why? Oh, probably some 'white lie' to avoid conflict. The ends justify the means.
033:Who are the people you can always turn to? Only Satan, then the cabbie for most things.
034:Have you ever done drugs? If not, would you ever try them? Yes. marijuana. Didn't care for it. Tried it 3 times - once at a party where it induced paranoia; once during a break at school where it induced an undesirable floating sensation; and once at an acquaintance's house where I became very energetic. I always tend to pass if offered any, preferring to happily partake in beer & cigarettes.
035:What is your favorite word? The last one I made up.
036:Do you consider yourself a romantic? Yes, I can be.
037:What are 3 objects that are *very* important to you and why? The Altar, which is the Power Conductor {in cooperation with Oneself}. The Library, which is the educator, The Weapons, which protect and preserve the former.
038:Have you ever met someone famous? If so, who? Don't place much stock in that, considering who made them so. However, that would be Elvira, a personal favorite.
039:What would you like to change, mentally and physically, about yourself? Dental and vision.
040:Have you ever won a contest/competition? What for? Sure, several. Tae Kwon Do tournament competition, weightlifting contest, pumpkin carving contest, writings in several publications.
041:What is one illegal thing you would do if there were no consequences? Unnecessary self-disclosure.
042:Who are your favorite fictional characters? Batman, Darth Vader, Ming The Merciless, Skelator, Hordak, Mumm-Ra. Most villains.
043:Do you ever wish you were somebody else? Only in the sense of the ability to shapeshift.
044:What is your favorite store to shop at? Physically, Spencer's. Online, The Emporium.
045:Do you want to have children one day? How many? How would you name them? No. I did consider at least 2 or 4. 2 boys & girls in order to interrelate and have playmates. Daemon, Aria, Devin, Davin.
046:How do you cope with stress? How do you vent your anger? Ritual, weightlifting, Martial Arts.
047:What do you want for your birthday? A ménage à trois.
048:Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Went through a jesus phase once.
049:Have you ever said "I love you" even though you didn't mean it? Yes. The 'ends' justified the means.
050:What is the best advice anyone has ever given you? "Don't ever get married" by a former acquaintance's father.
051:Do you have any regrets? If yes, what do you regret the most? Only that which did not create opportunities for indulgence. But these are lessons.
052:Do you find tattoos and/or piercings attractive? No, but that does not mean I wouldn't consider sexual indulgence.
053:Do you want to get married? What are your views on marriage? No, but only in the case of a Satanic Marriage with a 'soulmate', and it would be open.
054:Who are you most comfortable around? Myself, Satan.
055:What are you wearing right now? Batman shirt, black sweatpants & batman boxers. What do you wear to bed? Same.
056:When is your birthday? February 1st, Dracmas, Candlemas Evil.
057:What is love to you? Affection for those like as you, for mates and family, one's possessions.
058:Are you a jealous person? Not usually; mostly lais·sez-faire.
059:Would you rather go to a party or stay at home? Party at home, or trusted companions.
060:How many relationships have you had? So far, 4 major, all others were for fun.
061:Are you a positive person? For My purposes, yes; although others may not see it that way, but it is no matter.
062:What kind of people do you feel attracted to? Fun-loving, passionate people.
063:What is the longest time you've stayed awake? At least 24 hours.
064:Have you ever been told "I don't want to lose you"? Yes.
065:What is your favorite genre when it comes to movies? Horror.
066:Do you collect anything? Yes, all sorts of things occult-related, from books to canes to masks to weapons, movies, music, art.
067:In your opinion, what is your best quality? Imagination, intelligence, nymphomania, looks.
068:Have you ever changed for someone? Nothing major, perhaps a small modification in appearance in order to enhance attractiveness and mutual appreciation.
069:What is your idea of a perfect date? Drinking, horror movies, Heavy Metal, and sex in Noctuary environment.
070:Are you shy or outgoing? Outgoing once I focus on a target.
071:In your opinion, what is the secret for a great relationship? Honesty, mutual attraction, willingness to share.
072:Are you the kind of person who breaks rules? Sometimes, when necessary.
073:Is it hard for you to trust people? Yes. Trust must be earned.
074:What does your dream house look like? Dark Victorian Mansion or Gothic Castle in the woods.
075:Do you feel attracted to people your age, younger or older? All.
076:How much have you changed over the past year? Gotten stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, psychically, Magically. Became more Nature oriented and Pagan minded.
077:Longest friendship you've ever had? If referring platonically, presently about 2 years.
078:Do you have pets? If not, what animal would you like to have? No, apart from friendly associations with Cabbie's cats, especially Nicodemus the Krampus Cat. Otherwise, a snake, or other type of reptile.
079:Are you left or right handed? Primarily Right.
080:What talent do you wish you’d been born with? More instrumental besides voice.
081:Where do you get motivation and inspiration? Satan, Sex, Horror.
082:Do you know how to swim? If yes, when did you learn? More or less. The Y.
083:You are given one wish: What do you wish for? Omnipotence, otherwise, sexual hypnosis.
084:Do you like to give / receive flowers? What is your favorite flower? I suppose, if it will lead to sexual indulgence. Otherwise, not usually. Favorite flower presently is the Dracondia, the Dragon Lily which grows in the front garden.
085:Would you rather travel to a cold forest or a warm beach? Cold forest.
086:What is one thing you can't forgive, that can destroy a friendship or relationship beyond repair? Personal attacks, lies.
087:What is the last thing you purchased? The internet.
088:Have you ever broken someone's heart? Yes, unintentionally. Ever gotten your heart broken? Yes.
089:Have you ever cheated on someone? Yes, or more accurately, "experimental unrealized disposition". Ever been cheated on? Not that I know of.
090:Do you believe in soulmates? Yes, it is possible. Those of corresponding, complementary attributes.
091:Is there anybody you would do absolutely *anything* for? If yes, who? Not at this time, but Mystique prior.
092:Share three facts about your life. Born Satanist, I drink a lot of coffee, Love Sex.
093:Do you believe in love at first sight? No. Lust at first sight is more like it, which may or may not lead to love.
094:Would you date someone who smokes / drinks / does drugs / has a mental illness? Smokes, yes. Drinks, yes. Drugs, sex only. Mental illness, sex only. Unfortunate experiences with the latter.
095:You are given 15 minutes of fame: What would you do? Sex with 'groupies'.
096:How is your dream partner like? Looks like Morticia, Lily, Elvira, very sexy, veritably addicted to Cummunion/Sacrament.
097:Would you rather commit to one person or have several relationships? Both. One Queen, many lovers.
098:What are some of your hobbies? Weight training, Martial Arts, collecting all things occult-oriented, drawing, reading, writing.
099:What kind of person do you want to be? Ultimate Sorcerer.
100:What did you have for breakfast? Sausage with white gravy & biscuits.
101:What is your Top 3 favorite shows? The Addams Family, The Munsters, Dark Shadows. What was your Top 3 favorite shows when you 'were' a kid? He Man & The Masters of The Universe, The Master, Kung Fu. {These questions are too limited, and allow for too extensive a list. It would take a book to catalog My likes... like this one}.
102:What are three places you *really* would like to visit one day? Stonehenge, The Hellfire Caves, The Black House.
103:What was your last meal? Drac Suey consisting of noodles, bacon, green beans, & teriyaki chicken. What was your last beverage? Iced Coffee, presently.
104:Who is the last person you had a deep conversation with? The cabbie.
105:What is one thing that made you smile today? Contemplating experiences by questions on this list.
106:Do you like taking photos? If yes, what do you photograph the most? Yes. The environment; also, scans of My art.
107:Has anyone ever written a poem or a song dedicated to you? Yes. Have you? Yes. These are actually suggested for Marriage Ceremony in Dracomeroth.
108:Do you remember your dreams? If yes, what was the last dream you remember about? Moat of them, yes. An erotic dream about a former lover.
109:If you could go back in the past, would you change anything? If yes, what? Yes. Not allowing a certain person further personal, emotional involvement; preserving a former relationship.
110:If you were given 3 million dollars, what would you do with them? Possess Blackthorne Manor for Myself {make Black House of The West}, attain The Dracmare, house the Dracovum, visit The Gilmores, attend Conclave, attend to dental & vision issues, acquire all repossessions.
111:What are a few facts about you that not many people know of? Polyamorous, enjoy The Brady Bunch, Satanic Panic presentations, have distinctive characteristic on a certain appendage.

/,,/ '111 Questions':by Ira V. Simon (priveting)

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