DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Blanche Barton on the Satanic Panic


It seems to Me that the Satanic Panic was essentially the mental patients running the asylum. Psycho Therapists? More like psychotic therapists. Academic rejects paying for 'degrees' from xian institutions with low standards which aren't worth a damn, where pretty much anyone can attain that worthless piece of paper if they pay enough and park it in a chair with minimal effort. The results are incompetents in positions of unworthy responsibility they have no business being in. Thus causing more harm than benefits wherever they land. As such they can only be employed by other permissive establishments within their subculture, for no serious professional secular institutions take these seriously.

The unstable leading the unstable

Mental cases "treating", hypnotizing mental cases, projecting their own traumas, fantasies, and personal issues onto other patients. Or in true blindlight fashion, creating problems where none are present, and otherwise aggravating existing issues, making them worse with fictional fundamentalist literalisms.

Just how many psychotherapists are mentally ill themselves in dire need of assistance? A basic prerequisite for consideration into the psychiatric and psychological field should be a full evaluation and background inspection before progression therein ensues. Otherwise, travesties such as The Satanic Panic and other hysteria are in danger of repetition. ∞

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