DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Dark Personality, 70's events, where will you live in 3 years?

How Dark Is Your Personality According To Scientists?

Extremely Dark!
Lurching in the dark corners and back rooms with your dubious and cunning power plays, you're moderately machiavellian! Based on your answers, it's clear that you have a strong inclination to manipulate and out-manoeuvre your foes. You are one to often justify the means to achieve the desired outcome. You're highly intelligent, a born leader, and draw your victims to your power grasp like moths to the flame. However, you're only moderately machiavellian. Your cunning wickedness is checked by your inner moral compass and rarely gets out of control! We fully expect to see you ruling a country someday!

Naturally. ∞

What 1970s Event Can You Be Identified With?

Apollo 17 Flies To The Moon

Apollo 17 - the last manned mission to the moon - happened in the 1970s. You can be identified with this event because of your adventurous spirit and desire to explore new and unseen lands...like the moon! You love to travel, and you often dream of vacations you'd like to take and journeys you'd like to embark upon. You're spontaneous and outgoing, and you will surely find a way to see the world one day!

Certainly hope So. I would indeed like to embark upon a Black Earth Tour to visit all those Power Centers of the world like Stonehenage, Chitzen Itza, The Pyramids, various haunted locations, cryptid habitats, etc., where I would charge My Magical tools & weapons, as well as just soak up the energy Myself.

Where Will You Live in 3 years?

You are strong and determined. People don't mess with you, that's why the lone star state is where you belong. People flock to Texas for its job opportunities, big cities and wide open spaces. The homes here are just as big as Texas attitudes. In three years you will live in Texas.

Not likely. California all the way for Me. Born and raised "Valley dude", as it were. An only possible exception would be if I could own a great big house there to My Gothic style, then either relocate it or sell it for one in California, either near the shore and/or woods. Although Hypothetically, I do know of a little lady thereabouts which would be fun to visit and perhaps even bring along. ∞

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