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The Demon of The River

New addition to "Evilutions I: Draclinghood":

The Demon of The River

"Many years later, in a rather Rosemary's Baby vain, My Mother would relate to Me a dream she had as a little girl, wherein she saw a little demon running about near a river's edge, enjoying himself in the lushness of nature, when all of a sudden he decided to dive into the water for a swim. It seemed that this act became a catylist to cause a raging fierce current, as the skies darkened and the winds began to howl and blow. And edging the river, a twisted tree which resembled the nazarene swayed back and forth in the torrent. Others who have since heard this story agree that it seems a metaphor for My eventual incarnation, with the river representing the rush of life." ∞

Tags: documentary, dracling, dracumentary, evilutions

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