Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Year of The Beast?


The graphic seems a bit of a reach, considering that merely adding 2+0+1+6=9 will reveal Satan's true Number*, yet 666 is rooted in 9**. The last "Year of The Beast" was marked by The 666 High Mass of June 6, XL A.S./2006 c.e. The 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year. Prior to that, '1998' {666x3=1+9+9+8=27/2+7=9} upon the Draegon Arising from Shadow & Hellfire, Coming Forth and Daemonic Birth of Shadowmantium in October.

The Seventh Statement

The transition from The Chinese Year of The Goat {Baphomet} to The Year of The Monkey on 2/8 can be recognized as an affirmation of humanimalkind's Darwinian, evolutionary primate origins. Symbolic of scientific progression, the balance of reason & instinct. In this sense, it is indeed a Year of The Beast.

Shadow Gallery Calendar

Apart from the practical usage of established chronology due to business and common considerations for currently functioning society, which is the only reason why The Shadow Gallery Calendar is chronologically geared towards that end, being the available configuration, with relevant Satanic dates with The Devil included.

Werewolf Calendar

Ever wondered why October is designated the 8th {'oct'} month yet acknowledged as the 10th? Because the original western 'true year' begins in Spring in April. Just simply count forwards from September: Septem {7}, Octo {8}, Novem {9}, Decem {10}, and so it is revealed. It is derivative of the lycanthropic Calendar of Romulus, which seems more appropriate in alignment with Nature, as Spring birth on.


Personally, I celebrate My timeless Draconian seasonal cycle beginning on February 1st, Dracmas, and/or 'Candlemas Evil'. Whatever the case, the Satanist makes the most of each day, each night, so overall, along with a possible Year of The Beast, it is definitely always the Year of The Best.


There are 7 High Sabbaths a year: Halloween {"Satan's Birthday"}, Walpurgisnacht {Church of Satan foundation}, Winter {Satanalia} & remmus {Aestas} Solstices, Spring & Autumn Equinoxes, One's Nativity {Highest Sabbath}, with 13 Full & Black Moons and Friday 13ths as 'Esbats'. Apart from these, celebration of familial & various personal events. ∞

* See The Unknown Known, The Satanic Rituals; LaVey.
** See Table of The Beast, Satanic Numerology, The Devil's Scroll; Blackthorne.

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