Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


1.) Relationship status? Single.
2.) Crushing? If you mean "lusting", then definitely, naturally, and frequently.
3.) Favorite food? Flesh, accentuated by vegetables and fruit.
4.) Favorite color? Black Opal.
5.) Favorite music? Metal, Classical, portions of others.
6.) Favorite bands/artists? Too numerous; several in various genres. I tend to review what I like, so these can be found in Malefick Musick, and Malefick Media book.
7.) Talents? Plethora. From writing to art to music. Whatever I apply My mind towards, I excel at.
8.) In love? Not actively with another person, but perhaps latent sublimations. With objects? All My possessions. Definitely Myself, for I deserve My Love most.
9.) Hobbies? Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Horror movies, documentaries, reading {other authors}, writing {recreational fiction and the like}.
10.) Gamer? Sometimes.
11) Swag/emo/scene? Losers, posers, morons, retards, douchebags all.
12.) Long/short hair? Long. Warrior's crowning glory, mane. Pride, Strength, Beauty. Best of all. I can slick it back for a more intense demonic impression, or let it loose for more romantic, Luciferian, Vampiric look. Had short hair up until about 13, long ever since. Shaved head once, looked intrinsically 'Evil', but prefer long hair, which looks more diabolical.
13.) Height? 6'1"-6'3". It varies. For whatever reason, it has always been on a sliding scale. I recall as if "shrinking" like a lycanthropic crouching down into the 5' range, as well as if 'stretching' up into a very tall range, where it is as if the spine & limbs have extended, thus being head & shoulders over those I survey. As it is, I have tended to be the tallest in the class anyway. The Matriarchal Ovum mentioned that she derived the impression that I became very short once while sleeping in bed, which frightened her.
14.) Jacket/Hoodie? Jacket outside {favorite leather trench coat}, hooded sweatshirt privately inside.
15.) Eye color? Hazel brown/amber.
16.) Hair color? Natural Black with red highlights.
17.) Shirt color? Black.
18.) Jeans or shorts? Usually prefer slacks or leather pants, but it depends on activity. Black jeans make sense for outdoor rough and tumbles, shorts indoors if hot or at the beach, swimming. Haven't worn shorts in public since Y Camp, even though I definitely have the legs for it.
19) Get married? Legally once. Needless complication. Prefer Satanic Marriage Ceremony {See Dracomeroth & The Satanic Scriptures} if formal recognition for a serious relationship is desired. Otherwise, just living, loving, learning, creating, having fun is enough.
20.) Have kids? No, nor want any, with the exception of the Cabbies.
21.) Get divorced? Yes.
22.) Ever or still do wet the bed? No.
23.) Had or have depression? Nothing abnormal.
24.) Daydream? Sure - these are meditations which prelim the materialization of the imagination.
25.) Thought of food? Absolutely.
26.) Someone you love? Myself, SATAN, My Witches, Mother, familiars, My creations. Those who are worthy.
27.) Someone you hate? Dead or dying. Those who are worthy.
28.) Dream job? Making a comfortable living with The Black Arts & Witch Crafts.
29.) Got tattoos? No, nor desire any. However, if I was to, it would probably be The Dracomet & Shadowgram, Draegomet personal symbols of Satan. Also considered horned long haired skull with night moon & clouds in the background.
30.) Got piercings? No. But if I was to acquire one, it would probably be left earlobe.
31.) Worst day of your life? Probably the day when I was in a car collision which broke teeth, that I have to attend to every few years when I can afford it.
32.) Best day of your life? Whenever I have sex.
33.) Biggest fear? Unnecessary self-disclosure.
34.) Biggest insecurity that I know of? The 9 Satanic Sins.

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