Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Diabolic Force

Midnights ChildChild of Darkness, Child of Night

At approximately 2:30-3am, as I was fore-posting the films "Child of Darkness, Child of Light" & "Midnight's Child", a sort of subtle 'knocking' occurred on the black metal gate of the front door, or perhaps more like a 'scratching' or even quiet rattling. When I went to investigate, there was nothing there at all. No wind - perhaps an animal? A mistaken address from a drunken neighbor? A thief trying the locks? Yet the noise seemed so subtle, so as to not disturb the residents. A ghost? Likely parapsychological reverberation, perhaps. Ironically, all of the symptoms of hauntings and demonic activity, which is pleasing. This also comes in the wake of the performance of The Hellemental Communion earlier this evening... and I did request a 'sign', so this may very well have been it. Plus the felines have been staring wide-eyed a lot tonight. Hail SATAN.

The films developed as a sort of happenstance themselves. Seems very appropriate for the common era new year of January first week dedicated to Infernal Progeny. Even while scheduling the films, the system does not currently allow for posts beyond the 3rd of next month, yet - the system will probably modify during the transition. Then the browser crashed, so I closed it and reopened it. Even finding the films seemed providential, as if one was led to them, which I had not previously known of before.

The Drægon Speaks

Also, a few minutes before posting that, while listening to tonight's C2C show on Exorcisms & Demonology, I had been inspired to further decorate The Altar with a rope of thick yarn about the outer edge perimeter, as well as place the Ouija board between the shelf space of the retrovolutional Emerson stereo system & Altar face, as if to accentuate the Gateway portal symbology & flow, and so it shall be done when located.

These incidents are empowering confirmations and Infernal Blessings. Hail Dæmon Brother, Drægon Satan. ∞

Tags: black book of shadows, c2c, coast to coast, dracling, dracumentary, exorcism, ghosts, horror, infernal progeny, magic, noctuary, occult, ouija, paranormal, parapsychology, possession, psychodrama, retroprogression, ritual, supernatural, total environment

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