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An Iron Horse in flight...


All this talk about Motorhead recently inspired some contemplation. My first listen to Motorhead came in 8th grade at Village Christian School when I saw the video Ace of Spades on some video show, and was impressed by the gritty voice, stations of the microphones {reminiscent of the handlebars on a Harley}, the heavy musick, the tusked mascot demon, and the earthy persona of Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister. Living life to the fullest, often enjoying a drink and a smoke. He certainly gave The Devil his due.

I somehow came into possession of Motorhead's premiere opus, probably a bootleg cassette confiscated from someone by the donor from one of his classes {if the orange label was any indication}. Then I became intrigued by Orgasmatron - from the art to the subject matter, and was lumped into some of the bands to be warned about during the Satanic Panic - so naturally, this inspired further inspection. One day I saw the video for 'Eat The Rich', which became a Fangsgiving listening tradition. And eventually, another appearance in The Young Ones show merited further scrutiny still.

Previous to this latest news, the band was awarded an honor from the Los Angeles City Council for their Quadragennial longevity and indigenous origins.

Even so, it still is rather amusing how many people act like they knew him. However, a good question to ask is "how many times did they think about him last week?" {which happened to be his Birthday on the 24th}. I get this picture in My mind of Lemmy mounted on a blazing hellcycle likened Ghostrider with middle finger thrust into the air. ∞

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