DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Infernal Retrovolutionary Invernal Repossession

Both the retrovolution and Devilution of the integration of Satanic traditions into Winter observations, in essence, "taking it back", since most all 'holiday' traditions were lifted from Pagans. They have too long been holy-watered down with bland variations. Now it is high time to remove these christian corruptions, with an empowering addition of devilish nomenclatures. All traditions relating to the Winter observances are Pagan, and shall be preserved that way. References to mangers, crosses, and "christmas" are removed, ignored and disposed of as useless. They can have all that misery.

This missive is written as an addendum to The Dark Side of Xmas, and inspired of a sudden by a yuletide gale which threw open the door upon the cold, still full moon's night.


With consideration for the importance of preserving perspective with terminological placement. Derivation of Roman Saturnalia revels, in keeping with empowering psychological context. Celebrated on The Winter Solstice, 21/22/23. The 25th is only recognized as the birth of Mithra, Horus, Pan/Dionysus, with optional mytheological observations in that context only.*

Father Winter

As such, considering his characteristics, the addition of Krampus has been most appropriate as well. Winter celebrations may commence upon Krampusnacht through to Satanalia. Even the silly "Santa" can be reverted to Father Winter, and/or correcting the dyslexic translation with SATAN instead, anthropomorphosing the season with familiar, evocative, and empowering characteristics.

The Yule Tree

Descended from Saturnalia celebrations, wherein local trees were decorated with all manner of fanciful bauble as environmental accents to carousing activities. Ornaments may represent lush fruit to be bloomed the coming Spring {also 'the 7 deadly sins'}, the earth, and whichever personal accents & resonant meanings. If one desires a representation of the fertile forest within the home, an artificial one is used, or otherwise a living tree. Historical derivation wherein oaks were heralded, with cultural corollaries and later integration of the pine and evergreen. The Yule tree is symbolic of {Season} Belial, conjoining with {Season} Lucifer, with the addition of lights and ornaments.

Correlations have been made with the Yggdrasil Tree, which joins the 9 worlds in Norse mytheology, upon which Odin sacrificed himself and resurrected, symbolic of Winter into Spring {"3 days" altered to "3 months" of regeneration!}. Of course, xians lifted portions of the story for the crucifiction myth, along with mentions of a 'tree', moving it to April to deflect from Spring Equinox {High Unholyday derivation} & Eostre {etymology}, and vice-versa for the original nativities of Mithras, Horus, and Dionysus! For D/Evilutionary Satanic purposes, these 9 worlds may also acknowledge The Statements & Sins!

The star at the top is The Pentagram, symbolic of the Hellements {Belial/Earth/Wood/Metal, Satan/Hellfire/Lifeforce, Lucifer/Air/Wind, Leviathan/Water/Sea, Self/Flesh/Center, Magic/Ether/Mind/Will}; and otherwise symbol representative of Satan.

Yule Log

Phallic symbol of fertility and Lust, ablaze with comforting heat and cooking meals. Cakes and confections of same. Prepared for Pan/Dionysus's birthday. Actual phallus sexually appreciated and enjoyed upon awakening and sleeping. ∞

* As a side note that Helloween may be considered The Devil's birthday.

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