DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Random questionnaire

Name: Draconis.
Animal: Snake. Dragon. Bull mastiff. Doberman.
Boy Name: Michael David, Daemon, Devin.
Girl Name: Aria.
Color: Black Opal. The jewel of Satan containing all coloration within the darkness.
Movie: Dracula, Legend, Addams Family/Values.
Something you wear: Clothing.
Drink: Eggnog, Ice coffee/Logan Fils Absinthe.
Food: Spicy foods from various cultures.
Something you find in your bathroom: Shower, bathtub. Strawberries & cream Shampoo, honey butter body wash, Halloween soap gel.
Place: Noctuary, bed.
Reason to be late: Lust.

Tags: addams family, autobiography, diary, dining, draconis blackthorne, dracula, dracumentary, food, halloween, interview, lust, memes, noctuary, questionnaire, sex, tests

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