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These three things...

Three names I go by
1. Draconis Blackthorne.
3. Monster.
* Extra: "Dracenstein".

Three places I lived
1. North Hollywood. Dracling hometown.
2. Baldwin Park. Devin Black hometown & evolution of Draconis Blackthorne. First Noctuary.
3. Highland Park. Transition & Return.
* Extra: La Puente: Noctuary II. Lake Elsinore: A.K.A., "Bilge Lake" {transitory} - crappy people and environment - even Elsie left for better waters!; West Covina: 1. "party house" - temporary location while transitioning; 2. Mountain Shadows. Los Angeles. Noctuary III. {metro}.

Three places I have worked
1. Church of Satan. Warlock, Writer {The Devil's Scroll, Dracomeroth, The Devil's Diaries, The Blackthorne Chronicles, Malefick Media; Essays, philosophy, social commentary, fiction, non-fiction, biography}, Poet {Satanic Serenades}, Artist {The Shadow Gallery; multimedia, traditional}, Musician {Classical, Goth, Metal}.
2. Earl's Toys: North Hollywood, across the street from Laurel Plaza, flier distributor; received discounts on toys. YMCA: honey-roasted & salted peanuts to contribute to tuition, field salesman; Hughes Market: shopping cart collector; DAV: various, from cleaning and preparation of display items from books to silverware, import/export furniture. Found book 'Satanic Sex' here, & acquire entire Dark Shadows fiction collection. Supervisor was a King Diamond/Mercyful Fate fan. Crown Plating, El Monte: Assembly-line metal plating processing. Electrical acid pools wherein underground 'explosion' occurred if hanging item was not properly 'coated'.
3. Blackthorne Productions. Opus Draconum.

Three things I love to watch
1. Pain & Punishment of enemies, amusing general herd stupidity. Herd tend to be entertaining and otherwise interesting while either dead or dying.
2. Horror, documentaries, educational.
3. Lover' faces, bodies while giving and receiving pleasure.

Three places I have been
1. Italy. Fiermecino, Vatican. Attended preschool at Scuola Carducci.
2. New York. Transition between Italy and California.
3. Mexico. First travel resulted in overturned car tumbling over hill with piled luggage. Second brief travel to Tijuana resulted in being stuck in mud after tempest.

Three things I love to eat
1. Oral sex. Sweet sove, juices like wine.
2. Besse Infame. The forbidden fruit.
3. Most every food, especially spicy.

Three people I think will respond
1. Me.
2. Myself.
3. I.

Three things I am looking forward to
1. More Power.
2. More Pleasure.
3. Immortality. ∞

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