DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

How Dark is your personality? Secretly Evil?

The DARK TRIAD Questionnaire

Are You Secretly Evil?
A Black-Hearted Demon!
Eeeeeeeevil Demon - COME OUT! Areth thou possesed? Ist thou being forced against thy will by thine most evil of creatures - thy House Cat!? - Whatever your plight, your subconscious is bubbling with voodoo and all sorts of dark mojo, baby! You are your own master and no one's fool - a kickin' @$$ and takin' names S.O.B whose not afraid to take what they want, no matter what the cost! And the demon wings and glowing red eyes are a total plus as well, yah? We thought so.

It's no secret, and that's not the least of it!

/,,/ John Coffield.

Tags: 666, games, memes, questionnaire, quiz, tests

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