DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Shootout at The Potato Corral


ITEM: Shootout at The Potato Corral.

Every time I Am down wind of one of these incidents, I'm only interested in any gore and motive there may be, as well as the numerage of fatalities, which tend to be less than impressive. This latest occurrence happened at a retard processing plant in San Berdoo - the '951', as it were, which tends to be a channel for castoffs of all sorts of undesirables, from druggies to assorted petty criminals and cretins. I do appreciate that the retard facility is appropriately located far out away from the city, as should the retards for that matter.

This was perpetrated by muslims who just want to kill non-muslims, wherever it may be, but always end up being disposed of in the end, and I Am glad at both results. Whether shot by Police or self-eruption, good riddance!

Apparently, ongoing religious arguments between one of the victims who was a Messianic Jew, and the muslim killer's associates finally reached its boiling point at a xmas party held at the facility. Once again, one blindlighter terminates the other.

All a front

All the illegals pouring in from the insecure border most probably contain other such undesirable muslim elements, and obamination planning on bringing in "refugees" may amount to nothing more than a Trojan Horse scenario loaded with ticking time bombs, literally and figuratively, which is why they should not be allowed in the first place; and be otherwise completely contained, but preferably the former option. Again, better safe than sorry, as the security of citizens is of primary concern, not babysitting, spoon feeding, and mollycoddling the unappreciative world that bites the hand that feeds them.

Anyhow, a good sacrifice for the impending Solstice! At The Feast of The Beast, I'll uplift My pitchfork, and name the impaled honey-glazed ham Mohammed. Hail IBLIS. Hail SATAN. ∞

Interestingly, as an aside, the Supervising Coroner who released the bodies of the throwbacks to undisclosed sources was one Randy Emon. C'est La Mort!

Tags: blindlighters, crime, criminology, cults, culture, herd mentality, herd stupidity, misanthropology, misanthropy, nefarious news, psychology of religion, religion, retards, sacrifice, social commentary, social observation, sociology, solstice

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