DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Random stats

Birthdate: 2/1/∞
Crush: "...your enemies with a whole heart!" Currently have neither. Possess the former, don't care for the latter; i.e., "I have no enemies - only victims."
Do I Miss My Last Relationship: Not really.
Am I The Jealous Type: Depends upon whether it is merited, such as dishonesty or valid suspicion. Otherwise, I Am inclined to mutually share & share alike.
Last Time I Cried: ? {Out of depression, frustration, or nostalgia? Or joy? Or Awe?}.
Favorite Song: Not just one in particular. Genres of Metal, Goth, Rock, Classical, & combinations, as well as very particular pieces otherwise. With scant worthy exceptions, overall multimedia selections tend to be pre-2k presentations circa '66-99 {which also happens to be a favorite sexual position}.
Favorite color: Dark. Opalescent.
Eye color: Amber/Hazel.
Do I believe in love: Various types.
Do I give second chances: Depends on the source.
Favorite animal: Basilisk, Serpent, Dragon. Reptiles.
Favorite book: Opus Draconum.
Favorite movie: Several. Horror movies, monster movies, martial arts.
Favorite TV Show: Several, although Knight Rider, Addams Family, Munsters, Dark Shadows, Bewitched, Night Gallery, Tales From The Dark Side, Wonder Woman, Elvira's Movie Macabre, et al, etc., rank high. Genres of Horror, supernatural, occult, mystery, adventure {mostly Sword & Sorcery}, documentaries, some dark comedy.
Favorite candy: Most all types, but moreso that which contains Chocolate & peanuts {probably Snickers}.
Favorite quote: "Sin Well." {I will add "and often"}, "Take that which tempts whenever you can." - Magus LaVey. "Follow your bliss." - Joseph Campbell. "My Life at its best is mystery." - Count Dracula.
Favorite food: Nubile flesh; otherwise, those culinary delights which contain meat, cheese; tending towards Italian, 'Mexican' foods; overall spicy dishes. Favorite meat - corned beef, favorite preparation - "chicken fried" style.
Favorite drink: Non-Alcohol - Iced Coffee, Cream Soda, Dr. Pepper, Mr. Pib, Eggnog, Horchata. Alcohol - Logan Fils Absinthe, Malt Liquor Beer, "The Green & Amber Demonesses".

* I found the questionnaire too simplistic, so I added some qualifications. Actual Biography Dracumentary: The Blackthorne Chronicles. ∞

Tags: autobiography, biography, documentary, dracumentary, games, questionnaire, quiz

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