Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Auslander Raus!

"Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Jew - We don't need them anymore!" - Battle Hymn of The Apocalypse; Anton Szandor LaVey.

As far as I'm concerned, any time one blindlight religion curtails another, or one herd or flock attacks another, be it religions, gangs, serial killers, genocide, other various criminals, it is amusing, and beneficial to evolution. For the only instances wherein the herd are interesting is when they are dead or dying, and otherwise engaged in deadly entertainment. It's thinning the herd of inferior elements. A dime a dozen. Like this recent Friday the 13th massacre for instance. Muslim troglodytes murdering 130 sheeple and climbing {is that all?}, then kill themselves, and are otherwise killed by Police, nice and neat. Let them continue to kill each other off. Good riddance to all.

Christians have done that and worse in their history - vis-à-vis The Crusades, The Inquisition, Witch Hunts, etc., though muslims still operate in that primitive dark age mentality, the Christians have become insidious with the Satanic Panic, and various conspiracy theories shared by the secular herd as well. The despotic "god" of the Old Testament and koran moldy babbles is practically the same character, promoting similar attitudes.

Contrary to what the gutless revisionist Catholic Pope has stated, those sandy knuckle-draggers ARE exactly what muslims literalize, just like those Westboro Baptist Church dipshits are true christians, as both are fundies adhering to their archaic scriptures to the letter. Any veering besides towards more liberalized variations would only progress towards increasing carnal development, wherein they cease to be their former selves.

However, it may be time to invoke the essence of Vlad Tepes & Napoleon, and couple up increased anti-immigration initiatives, considering these "Syrians" in Europe {with false infiltrators among them} and 'Daesh' militants are pretending to be regular illegal immigrants, crossing the southern US border with them, and otherwise seeking "asylum" in Europe - which has so far proven to be disastrous, and should be taken as an example by the US to not allow them in, and lock down the borders completely, for now more than ever is a prime time to erect more secure walls. With this I Am in full agreement with Trump*. I do not trust Obamanation, who may be secretly muslim himself, contributing to the infiltration agenda. Lest there be a time when they develop "sleeper cells", and some code is uttered among them to begin attacks from within. That cannot be risked.

Ironically, it has virtually become an 'asylum' with increases in rapes, vandalism, disease, and violence. They degrade everything they touch. The destructive course of migration through Europe to Germany proves to be a social experiment where their true natures are revealed, with intents even admitted by these vile untermenschen themselves. These are not to be trusted, neither the entire lot, who on a turn have displayed sudden backbiting tendencies, whether by manipulation, intimidation, schizophrenic religious conditioning, civilized cultures should not be subjected to the white plague. And for politicians of a first world nation to willingly "invite" these in is inviting cultural suicide, and undue torment upon their own people, some of whom are cajoled into welcoming them - the poor fools.

Perhaps they are being temporarily relocated while a nuclear bomb likened Nagasaki & Hiroshima is detonated, to start anew once the dust settles to begin their own new society. That should be a viable option to consider.

Otherwise, keeping former facilities in mind, it may be time to reconstruct comfortable, humane interment camps / townships so that they may be monitored in a self-sustaining subculture - always side with caution, better safe than sorry, etc. But they should definitely NOT be allowed to freely permeate indigenous societies. For as long as such would be guests, they must be returned to countries of origin ASAP.

If they are sincere, the decent among them will prosper and bide their time productively. There is no need for any of them to integrate. When circumstances at their country of origin stabilize, they may return pridefully, with gratitude.

Personally, I side with the former, to not let them in at all, also considering indigent issues already present in society; resources should always go to a nation's citizenry first and foremost, of course. Plus, they deserve nor are owed nothing from anyone. Let their 'god' take care of them. ∞

* Who knows, this whole circumstance may be fabricated in order to introduce his presidency with guises of necessity.

ليس (Iblis) Baphomet. Iblis is the Islamic Devil, along with Shaytan, often depicted as presiding with The Djinn (representations of temptation; often considered the Middle Eastern equivalents of demons), from whence genie derives, and many folkloric characteristics.
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