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Devil or Angel...

ITEM: Rube "Wins" A Date with ANGELYNE
"A lovely nook of forest scenery, or a grand rock, like a beautiful woman, depends for much of its attractiveness upon the attendance sense of freedom from whatever is low; upon a sense of purity and of romance." - P. T. Barnum.

I think she would have done better with an actual fan, rather than some dim five-watter, misdirected masochistic douchebag galoot who is barely aware of who she is, and probably didn't write that article himself - someone that "gets it" as it were, happily goes along with it, who derives a certain pleasure from paying her way, like a sugar daddy / bimbo dynamic. Thereby, they both derive a benefit from the association. Seems obvious. Otherwise, it truly is a grifting, and the mark deserves it for proceeding with the whole thing despite the realization of the circumstances.* Some sheeple live for it. That's entertainment!

In an almost D/s dynamic, the only thing she doesn't do is provide some actual sexual gratification for the fellow, save for the mammaries he can take to Palmela & her five sisters later.

It's An ACT

The ultra-feminine, "helpless" act. Jayne Mansfield did it, Marilyn Monroe did it, as most girls do to one extent or the other, to manipulate men into giving them things they desire, which may or may not result in intercourse. If so, she is the reward; if not, she is seen as the tease, where she can then raise the stakes until satisfied. Angelyne is just honest about it. Depending upon fetish, more often than not, better a temptress than a prude.

Who is she?

Pretty much all one needs to know about her is depicted in the video. The Xaggerated Angelyne character, who happens to be an actress friend of Elvira's, embodies the archetype of the said bimbo, sex doll, the pretentious glitz & glamour of Tinseltown, as sort of its mascot as well as the pink porno underbelly.

She's a playgirl. She plays stupid well, to project an air of sexual vulnerability, with the temporary suspension of disbelief. Butt overall, it's all Hollywood show business. ∞

* Small wonder what his rating may be, and I'm sure she scratched him off the list like a barnacle.

Devil and Angel
Which Witch is Which? Devil or Angel: Elvira & Angelyne [BOTH]

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