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21 March 2018 @ 07:13 pm

1. Verily, while tarrying forth unto an educational institution availing Myself of facilities, 2. A man came forth unto My presence afflicted with multiple spider bites upon his legs and head. 3. His legs were discolored with a reddish hue upon a portion thereof, while his scalp displayed a multitude of whitened pustules all over thereupon, which appeared to be implanted eggs. 4. He mentioned the leg bites were that of a brown recluse, though it seems he may have lain down in a whole nest of arachnids. 5. He was repeatedly praising his "lord" for his survival, though it would have been more remarkable if said "lord" could have prevented his affliction in the first place. 6. An attempt at conversion was proposed, which was successfully fielded with logic and reason, the natural foes of the typical blindlight xtard. 7. Whereupon it was inquired if I beLIEve in said "god". 8. I thus asserted My perspectives tend towards Jungian Psychology, with any so-called "prayer" being more akin to willful meditation, concentration akin to PRAYing rather than 'prayer'. 9. Whereupon reknowned Mythologist Mage Joseph Campbell was invoked to establish the point that all common religions and belief systems run parralel to one another, with mere cultural variations in nomenclature, 10. So not any one bible holds particular origins to any given dualistically "good" or 'Evil' characterization, parable or epic.* 11. The "Jesus" character is a delusional derelict with just enough education to awe local peasants with certain tricks to convince that sum of erzatz divinity, and thus the urban legend was created and otherwise personafied, since exploited by opportunistic hypocrites. 12. So it came to pass that we departed company towards our destinations, with an additional reminder to visit the local healer and apothecary, 13. That these wounds not transform to infections, tormented with maggots and further diseases like necrosis and leprosy.

* Personally, I currently veer more towards Lovecraft, Tolkien, and Rowling at this timeless.

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19 March 2018 @ 07:30 pm

Two most recent possessions in Hotweels Year One Batmobile & Tim Burton Batmobile versions just seemingly sitting there waiting to be possessed. This is indeed a benefit of actually going forth unto The Black Earth to discover such remarkable synchronicities from time to time, as if certain items are unexpectedly 'placed' by serendipitous timing, seems infernally providential, especially cosidering the world's first Satanic super hero, with reflective qualities of same. One would normally have to search out some of these items online to have them brought to one, yet here they are at one's fingertips, at a fraction of the cost, no less!

I Am quite pleased to collect these and likened items, to compliment the Mego characters and vehicles as well. Now traveling through trapezoidal, subterranean portalways, they emerge from the foggy shadows of Gotham's netherworld.

18 March 2018 @ 07:40 pm

Toys 'R' Us is supposedly liquidating and selling all stores and going out of business, but all one has to do is recall when Hostess was going out of business whereupon a benefactor preserved the iconic bakery company*; it is My prediction that this shall occur with TRU as well, perhaps moving much of its business online like Tower Records, though still not quite the same as actually walking the aisles, excitedly selecting and holding the toy in one's hands... such a Magical moment indeed.

My own personal recollection is that exciting day when I traveled thereunto with the matriarch, which uaually meant a large acquisition was instore for a major occasion like My birthday or xmas. My favorite possessions therefrom were Shogun Warriors, and My Hoffy Tornado & Knight Rider dirtbikes. Going there usually meant I had saved up and worked for it at other times of the year. Mostly Mattel & Hasbro as well.

Other places like Earl's Toys where I was employed as a 'flier boy' distributor, whereupon I would get to select whichever toy I desired concupescent with the mount of fliers distributed, where I recall a remote control KITT, 12" Vader and Boba Fett, Superman, and Mego action figures, including My Batmobile.

There was a privately owned toystore adjacent to TRU that carried international toys and games I enjoyed. Marvel & DC punching bags, Batman & Superman kites. Eventually there was Kaybee {Addams Family cartoon series figures & House}; even Wolworth's carried an impressive line like Kenner Star Wars figures, and later Masters of The Universe, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, and others.

Overall, I have have a feeling someone will pick it up, merging while predicting the beloved name and icons, style, and retain the core foundational stores that have been there since inception.

The one I went to featured the giraffe mascots atop the roof which mysteriously burned down one windswept night upon relocation, leaving the rest of the building untouched.

But overall, I'm a Toys 'R' Us kid too, and I know Puff isn't far behind to rekindle the immortal flame of the Eternal Dreamchild. One way or another, they will always be there.

* This also occured with a favored restaurant establishment Snappy's Tacos, which had new owners who had the perspective and good sense to preserve its style and quality.

16 March 2018 @ 05:20 pm

If there ever was a candidate for brain transplantation technology, he & a choice few others is a sterling example for its propagation; this in the wake of the 200th Anniversary of the Promethean celebration of the unleashing of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Such and similar scientific concepts have been considered sacriligeous by certain theocratic obstacles, which may have already advanced to the point where geniuses such as Hawking may have been preserved, from brain transplantation to cloning technology, and stemcell replication, which provides for timeless regeneration.

"Hawkings" - who like his predatory avian namesake, reaches out into the void, snatching up the knowlede of those gems hidden in the mysterious cosmological darkness; and who also recognized the faerietales of heavenly mythmakers & opportunists as psychological crutches. To move forwards from this inner obfuscation of self-deceit into the treasure-filled outer darkness of space. An evolutionary journey to free the inner microcosm, moving onwards and upwards to the stars.

He himself is the cybernetic archtype of man & machine, akin to TKR Archvillain 'Mobius', and Star Trek's Captain Christopher Pike - the Man/Machine cyborg integration, who by his very condition ironically furthered technology as well.

So, in aknowlegement of his contributions to Science & black hole theorems which have always been complementary to Satanism, is mine own Theory of The Black Hole.

Playboy, not prayboy

Along with the exercise of the intellect and contributions to scientific research, he naturally allowed full expression for his hellthy prurient interests as well, revealed in an interview for Playboy. ∞

11 March 2018 @ 10:00 pm

It is a pleasure to participate & contribute. ~ Dr. Dracenstein

08 March 2018 @ 07:38 pm

Irecently happened upon a box of Frankenberry sitting alone on a store shelf by itself as if awaiting Me to find it, just like The Return of Cap'n Crunch's Halloween Crunch. So Halloween has found Me once again, in March! 5 full months hence, in lieu of the impending Frankenstein exhibit, as a sort of confirmation of efforts that there shall be inclusion.

Then what should I spot upon another shelf recently, but but a Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of The West Lego set, and this in the serendipitous wake of the introduction of The Devil's Reign 'All of Them Witches' sexhibition, in 'witch' I Am inclined to participate.

01 March 2018 @ 09:16 am


Join these two lovely witches for a salaciously stimulating repartee, featuring a segment with The Black Arts & Witch Crafts!

01 March 2018 @ 12:13 am

On this windy day with an impending storm brewing, I was discussing how much the building across the way resembles a TELACU structure, when what should occur almost immediately afterwards, but a small blaze that began burning in the adjacent CVS parking lot just across the driveway. I consider this a manifestation of Demonic energy because of the displeasure being expressed at that moment.

The Fire Dept. Unit 60 eventually arrived, put it out, but it was amusing. I had all of a sudden noticed black smoke coursing across the immediate sky atmosphere, and initially thought it was deriving from the roof, but I then traced it down to a small corner segment of a dividing island from the lot to the street.

I imagine the small blaze may have eventually put itself out, but people in general seem just so out of touch with Nature and their own senses, that small things like this, elemental manifestations seemingly make them panic. It would indeed have been amusing to watch another one spark up, for it would have been fantastic had an ember caught the wind, traveling across the way to the TELACU building.

Overall, My wondering if this building was connected to that organization was definitely answered by The Hellements in the affirmative. Hail SATAN.

Pyromancy exquisite

Reminds Me of the housefire down the street at a former Noctuary conjured in justified anger at some obnoxious sacrifices, and the lightning bolt that struck a tree one night during a delightful Nocturnal Constitutional in the rain. {See The Black Book of Shadows}. Hail Satan!

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28 February 2018 @ 08:55 pm

1. In jr. High school while investigating various belief systems for Myself, I found The Satanic Bible as mentiobed in a Satanic Panic pamphlet warning against the evils of Satanism & The Occult. Determined to find this text, I discovered it at a B. Dalton Bookseller. Upon reading this tome, I discovered that I Am a Satanist, as I read most of My own viewpoints reflected in those pages.

2. A carnally indulgent religion, lifestyle, philosophy where one is allowed to evolve to one's highest potential based upon merit. Overall, a basic rundown is entailed in our basic tenets The 9 Statements, Sins, & 11 Rules of The Earth.

3. Truth. Viewing all in purest Lucifer's infernalight of undefiled wisdom, and the exploitation of that towards one' s benefit.

4. Each Satanist has one's own particular, individualistic perspective, so it is a highly subjective analysis.

5. Truth and self-expression, freedom from guilt, and to evolve unto one's highest potential.

6. A code of ethics that promote civility and mutual respect.

7. There are no mandates for such. If a member wishes to participate in such endeavors, they are free to do so of their own volition for perspnal desires, then the religion enriches these activities.

8. Not in particular or by wrote. However, our personal and private activities do not tend to involve non-members, unless by special invitation.

9. It would definitely be an enhancing, enriching element, providing perspective. But all depends upon individual choice as well.

10. This is detailed in the Affiliations section on The Church websource. But by and large, paying a 1 time membership fee and incisive questionnaire. Afterwards one may progress within the organization according to merit.

11. The media has misrepresented Our Religion extensively in the past as seen in The Satanic Panic with all manner of fictional fabrications. The media has been a bit better about it in more recent history, though now the plague is moreso in lazy journalism and lack of resaearch, though all the information is available on The Church's websource for an educated opinion on the subject. So we had to send representatives from time to time to elucidate on certain crucial points when necessary. The book 'Satanic Panic' is an excellent educational resource on the subject.

12. I would have them view Satanis & Speak of The Devil; books The Satanic Bible, Rituals, Witch, Devil's Notebook, Satan Speaks, Secret Life of A Satanist, Church of Satan {Barton}. But above all, read The Satanic Bible first and foremost.

13. It's a religion about being honest with oneself, and treating others with civility as a social construct.

14. Yes, we do have several available in our Canon viewable in core works The Satanic Bible & Rituals. The three basic types of ritual in Destruction, Lust, Compassion, which serve to attain certain goals, while the ceremonies serve to sustain, further stimulate and empower. From the catharsis of Le Messe Noir, the experimental indications of Die Elektrischen Vorspiele, the primal stimulus of Das Tierdrama, liberation of L'Air Epais, to the literary expressions of The Call to Cthulhu, all serve to sustain and further stimulate to further stimulate for psychological evolution.

15. Our members are expected to self-regulate and discriminate with care according to responsible application. The core basics are guidelines for the most effective modus operandi of Satanic Principles.

16. Again, see The Satanic Panic. But abusing animals and children seem to be the most commonly misconcieved. Most all of this criminal behavior allegations have been debunked.

17. We were founded in 1966 ce in San Francisco, Year One Anno Satanas of The Age of Fire by Magus Anton Szandor LaVey; The Satanic Bible was published in 1969; the founding bodies went from the meetings and lectures conducted as part of The Magic Circle, evolving into The Church of Satan by services and further psychodramatic experiments.

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    26 February 2018 @ 08:02 pm

    While exiting a local librarium recently, I was approached by a little thing in an apparent state of distress. After speaking with her for a few minutes, it was divulged that she was suffering from a 'panic attack.' She was reassured that she was safe, all was under control, no one is bleeding, all she neeeds to do is relax, take a few deep breaths, and possibly some water.

    The dictionary definition of "Satanic" is 'profoundly cruel and evil'; I would say certainly so to the deserving, yet we are not one-dimensional, and experience a full range of emotions, enhanced with the appreciation and application of multidimensional perspectives & realizations.

    Then what should occur but a shortime later while at another establishment, but previous customers had left their phone at a register. It could have been submitted to the lost & found for the owner to collect at a later time, or, like the Darknight, I could watch for them and notify if still in the immediate vicinity. Feeling rather like Batman, whereupon concluding with My own purchases, took a cursory glance about the premesis, noted they were indeed still in the vicinity, thus notifying whom it may concern, there was much gratitude displayed.

    Also quite recently, a wallet was found while at a local laundrette belonging to someone I had been speaking with earlier that afternoon. Upon divulging relevant information, the wallet was returned to her place of employment. I have to admit, there was a certain sense of satisfaction.

    In these instances, it is merely a matter of common courtesy and civility, with far reaching results, saving a lot of trouble, while requiring little to none of one's own. As we do not require external celestial parental figures to mandate or monitor our behaviour; we are sovereign, intelligent creatures not necessitating mores, but can self-regulate based on an innate sense of civility. Obviously, you don't need to be part of some blindlight church to exhibit honorable, considerate, or responsible behaviour, just one's own beast senses.