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16 January 2018 @ 04:59 pm

13 Captives in Christian Family Cult
Krystian cult "parents" incarcerate children, kept in deplorable conditions.

Wherein poignantly upon Religious Freedom Day, should a couple in Perris*, CA be discovered imprisoning their offspring in deplorable conditions, emaciated and malnourished, brainwashed with christinsanity which justifies and perpetuates mental illness across the board; speaking of which, the fundamentalist patron god of the blindlighters is that of misery, slavery, suffering, and death - therefore, perhaps unfortunately for those innocents subjected thereunto, actually seem to personify this bad idealism overall. - Sgt. Demon.
Christian Woman abuses & murders daughter in "Exorcism" attempt

This despicable 'unmother' finally killed her own daughter by literally shoving a medallion down her daughter's throat with a crucifix. Much has been said about "shoving religion down someone's throat", but this is ridiculous! Dangerous, delusional criminality. So instead of seeking professional help for herself first, from whence their diversions and displacements originate, before victimizing the undeserving. - Sgt. Demon.
* Considering the seeming majority who reside in these surrounding areas are seeming repositories of christard mutantypes whose entire existence seems to revolve around cannabis, methamphetamines, & other brain-numbing narcotics, not to mention the literal brain amoebas infesting the bilge water.

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15 January 2018 @ 07:34 pm

Martin Luther King's statement need not only be considered in a racial sense, frequently became fodder for reverse racists to justify ersatz revenge notions, considering his intent was for fellowship regardless of pigmentation, but can indeed also be applied towards other subjects such as religion, politics, and sexual preference as well. All of these should be kept on an individual & personal basis, to be shared with others of like mind, & otherwise a subjective sense of speculation & inquiry to be applied for educational purposes with mutual consideration applied.

Though "equality" is assuredly a myth, a sense of egalitarianism can be applied to determine individual propensities, character, quality, talent, skills, etc., then to be practiced to the fullest extent of potential.

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11 January 2018 @ 07:15 pm

Count Chocula Treat Bars

It is really splendid to find that little bit of surprise Halloween withersoever one may travel. Had the splendid opportunity to enjoy these recently, and I must say, they are definitely the beast of their kind, 'bar' none. There are Six included per packet, prominently displayed on the box along with the evocative character that has been part of the Halloween forever; so it behooves one to purchase 3 the first time, and make sure there are three on hand the rest of the time. So finding a plethora of these boxes at a local 99c store still on the shelves in January is a splendid discovery, for those of us who appreciate the Samhain aesthetic the year through.

These are basically rice crispy treats comprised of Count Chocula Monster cereal, covered in fudge and marshmallows, and very chewy. These are to be dispensed for those extra special trick or treaters who really go out of their way to display the Halloween spirit, whether by costume and/or enthusiasm, and imagination, with a few condiments thrown in now and again for the complementary salty and sour contrasts.

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05 January 2018 @ 04:40 pm
/,,/ via Church of Satan news:

By Draconis Blackthorne

Calendar January 2018 (12 Months) Price: $13.00

The Seasons In Hell perpetually turn as The Hell Draegon emerges forth from The Abyss through The Pentagram Gateway to accompany the Satanist & Horrorphile throughout the year, featuring nefarious historical events, darksome multimedia genres, from The Infernal Empire to Satanic Panic, criminology, and defacto figures throughout timelessness. Also features full moon, black moon phases & unholyday designations.

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05 January 2018 @ 03:37 pm
For Religious Freedom Day

As a Satanist, religious freedom is important because Satanism as a whole is a religion, a philosophy, and a lifestyle combined - some would even posit another species or breed entirely, but certainly psychologically alternate, which is why sometimes our kind have been referred to as "alien elite" from time to time.

It is indeed marvelous NOT living in a theocratic environment wherein any particular religion holds absolute sway, even though they do try to interfere and interpolate their various agendas wherever and whenever they can, yet it is now fortunately altogether surmountable by utilizing the sovereign freedoms and intellectual tools provided by the Founding Hellfire Fathers to ensure both freedom of religion, whatever it may be, or freedom FROM religion if one so chooses.

I once conducted a ceremony entitled "The United Satanic America Rite" to assert this principle in this continuously evolving Age of Fire.

To wit, blindlight beLIEf systems have proven to be failed social experiments which have only engendered subjugation, slavery, suffering, misery, death, and torture throughout their corrupt hypocritical histories upon those who have disagreed with their particular views and justified practices. All one has to do is research The Crusades, Witchysteria, and even the recent Satanic Panic to reveal the results of these if allowed to hold any sort of Political, social, or military influence whatsoever. These have had their Age {Ice; ref. The Unknown Known; The Satanic Rituals, LaVey}, each respectively now inevitably waning, back into minority subcultures where they belong, irrelevant to governing societal processes.

They have done so even to eachother for millenia, not to mention any of those accused of trafficking with The Devil!

At all times, no matter who may be presiding in office, personal religious views must be kept in check, reserved for their personal lives in their own homes and churches. Again, all one has to do is witness the results of theocratic rule in their countries and societies of origin to observe the degradation and de-evolution of their stultifying influence.

However, this was not to be the case in the first Satanic Republic of America, where fleeing Protestant immigrants oppressed by other prevailing denominations began enacting their own inherently rotten natures upon the natives and involuntary slaves of the land alike encroached upon, all of whom have preserved their traditions, even if masked for their survival and avoidance of blindlight oppression.

Personally, I would not wish to reside in a culture wherein it is illegal to practice one's beliefs as one sees fit, so long as it does not entail the participation of any who do not wish to do so. Satanists follow one's true carnal natures to the furthest logical degree, wherein it serves one's purposes, vote for those who would share certain issues corresponding to one's interests, no matter the affiliation of the candidate at the moment. For such are the dynamics of Democracy, even though the preferred, proposed Satanic Society would ideally be a Meritocracy, where individuals prosper according to accomplishment. Merit is the ultimate filter by which all must be judged. Egalitarianism is only useful inasfar as character and quality are determined, while thereafter being treated according to MERIT.

Overall, there is only Merit. Everything else is stereotypical nonsense.*
* or considered for some blindlight agenda, wherein the white wolves continue praeying upon the sheeple.

Also see 'Daemonocracy [I], The Devil's Scroll, Blackthorne.

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31 December 2017 @ 06:41 pm
Death & The Devil

Arrive right around sundown. Find a spot just outside facing the grounds, setting up seats or remain in one's vehicle. Some parks feature significant events throughout the year, as well as those residents therein, even uplifting a toast to accomplishments. The focus is upon one's perpetuity, everlasting life, and immortality. While some mortals celebrate a turn in crone-ology with fireworks & firearms, still others have resigned themselves to excarnation, while one asserts longevity, strong life, health, wealth, & myriad pleasures and treasures.

The symbolism of the coffin is a doorway to rebirth. Some cemeteries offer events, allowing entry after sundown. To one with Gothic sensibilities, it ia a natural gravitation.

Arriving early in the afternoon or early evening silently walking along in the contemplation of scenery, artistry, architecture, and the invigorating dichotemies of life, death, and undeath, which is one's chosen resonance.

Herein this particular graveyard, walking up to the fountain, one could actually perceive the amassed sounds of voices thereabouts, for the discarnate utilize the elements to sound out, by the sounds of rain, wind {which becomes as voice {as the air are like lungs}, to fog, smoke, which can possibly reveal forms, certain lighting, reflections in mirrors, windows, and shadows which may gain the observer certain impressions reverberating in the atmosphere. It was like a cavalcade of voices all speaking at the same time, likened another world and civilization living their lives and expressing thoughts as done in former incarnations.

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30 December 2017 @ 07:43 pm

As Magus LaVey recommended & observed, it is amazing what a blazer/suit jacket can do for one's overall accoutrement, and completely change perceptions, likened wearing only lipstick can present the impreasion that the whole face is made up. One can pretty much wear anything with it, while still presenting the impression of hellegance and overall elevated aesthetics. The Command to Look & The Lighthouse Effect. Just adding that dresses above the level of the common regular prole. As one is always onstage by virtue of just being a Satanist, so one must preserve the Lesser Magic dynamic to enthrall at all times, as is the essence of psychological manipulation. Perfection attained. ∞

/,,/ via churchofsatannews:

This issue comprises hellements of Helloween, Winter Solstice Satanalia, with observations into the New Year and throughout The Seasons In Hell, Friday the 13th & Fangsgiving observations, Nefarious News, Noctuarium Satan’s Scroll, Malefick Musick, Spechtreum, The Black Earth, Snackrifices. Plus Satanic Serenades featuring Dax Bordas. and The Shadow Gallery.

Follow this link to purchase your copy.

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29 December 2017 @ 04:42 pm

28 December 2017 @ 07:25 pm

Variations in the Satanic Altar arrangement typically includes representations of the Hellements thereon, usually in a linear row, or completely seperate upon smaller mini altars or shrines, etc., at the directional designations. An empowering combination of this idea can be thusly appropriately placed upon the corners of The Altar itself, collected in recepticles, utilizing:

  • SATAN: Fire in the form of a candle or torch.
  • LEVIATHAN: Water in a small bowl or goblet.
  • LUCIFER: Represented with incense or fog.
  • BELIAL: Earth as a clump of fertile soil. {Garden "starter" soil is appropriate, already enriched with nutrients, plus it is trapezoidally-shaped, contained in another small recepticle or planter}.
28 December 2017 @ 07:01 pm

Decided to take a trip over to a cemetery earlier today when I spotted an Islamic section therein with some sort of structure resembling a small black table and seat. A mosque? Mecca? Or "Middle Eastern Communist Alliance"...?

The intent is to enjoy an afternoon repaste in this peacefully beautiful environment. However, it occurred to Me that I was àbout to enjoy ham {Mo-ham-mad?}, so I made an event of it, and entered the section with the hammich, placing the package upon the ground briefly, and after Satanic Grace with an invocation unto Iblis, proceeded to finish the confection in pure satisfaction.

Whereupon requesting any sign of confirmation for this blasphemous sacrilege, I perceived a rumbling in the earth, followed by the distinct thought that this became a rift which opens a portal in this spot, for this has been made unhallowed ground.

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25 December 2017 @ 08:21 pm