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18 February 2018 @ 10:13 pm
Lego Dimensions KNIGHT RIDER

I had just recently another unexpectedly funtastic surprise while at a local depot for My interest. Though I do not normally collect Lego toys, I readily possessed this collector's item recently. Thoug billed as a 3/1, it behooves the collector to obtain at least 3 packages so all 3 may be displayed in the totality of KITT, Goliath, and turbo rocket KITT! What has been mused as Season 5; plus considering Hoff has agreed to participate in an additional version, I think they ahould essentially pick up where left off, moving onto additional capabilities along with the Aquatic Synthesizer and Super Pursuit Mode, with the logical next evolution of flight - Turbo Rocket!

Now the simplest element of the puzzle is Knight himself, which only encompasses 4 pieces - legs, torso, head, coiffe. However, if you wish to create Goliath, at least one of the two facial expressions on the head will have to be painted with Garthe's moustache!

The pieces are arranged in two packets with all the complex parts a small challenge to tackle. Also, both KITT & Mike have stands that can be plugged into a Lego console if you have one, corresponding with an approgram featuring additional interactivities.

What also drew My attention is the aesthetic presentation of the trapezoidal packaging. The pieces are pretty small, so open bags carefully and reserve an additional one for storage until complete.

Overall, this can be an entertaining pastime while awaiting one's order for takeout, or even during the presentation which one has no doubt veritably memorized anyway. An amusing inclusion to one's collection well worth the effort.

14 February 2018 @ 12:00 am

~ The Book of Satan, chapter 3; The Satanic Bible, Magus Anton Szandor LaVey.

09 February 2018 @ 08:34 pm

While passing through an aisle recently, I was of a sudden greeted by this surprise of The Captain, who is still at the Hallowhelm setting sail for the shores of Hallowland...

Milk turns ghostly green, though can be perfectly enjoyed by itself as well. Much the same as last year, with the same trivia and pumpkin carving template on the back.

Fortunately, this novel confection is plentiful, and should last the year through, of course, enjoyed in a likened skull bowl recepticle for aesthetic saturation and gustatory enrichment.

09 February 2018 @ 08:32 pm

hat is it with car headlights now? They're so bright that it seems the previous models' brights are now the regulars, which makea for a truly blindlight experience overall, condidering one is literally in the spotlight whether you like it or not, whether at a stoplight or parked out in a favorite spot somewhere. The previous ambers are more than sudficient for road illumination, this excessive projection can even be dangerous to other drivers as well.

Also, many motorists just sit in their cars with the lights on and motor running, with other drivers in their field of vision, which is rude and inconsiderate to other drivers. Áre they really that oblivious and/or are these vehicles unable to extingish headlights if the motor is on?

So let there be an end to "blindlighting" with a show of courtesy and deportment for other drivers.

06 February 2018 @ 04:10 pm

As Magus LaVey observed and suggested, as is one's natural inclination, a sense of humor is an important element in one's totality of expressions. But to whom should this be revealed? This can be linked to Solipsism if not kept in check. One should be aware of to whom it is directed, specifically towards those who may appreciate or comprehend it. But also keep in mind that there are those amongst the populace who are seemingly unable to asscertain metaphor and sarcasm.

To one's own, certainly. To those of like mind, the MetAddams family, definitely. But why the herd, unless it is a proffessional occupation such as a comedian in some capacity, standup or humor writer, and otherwise as part of one's character, and otherwise those one may wish to charm for mutual gratification, then it is an invaluable resource.

Overall, as it is prescient whereunto to dispense wisdom, it is also important to realize whereof one casts one's black pearls of humor.

05 February 2018 @ 10:20 pm

It has been pondered at what a proposed "Satanic Meditation" could be. Two possible options:

1. A most ideal 'meditation' would be to contemplate The 9 Satanic Statements, 11 Rules of The Earth, & 9 Satanic Sins before one's Altar with a single black candle lit, prefacing with "In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus", then either lay down comfortably or assume the Baphomet Enthroned Crossed legs position.

Another option is to utilize an oracular tool similar to The Witch's Cord or Satanic Rosary containing the customized arrangement of 9,9,11.

2. Another option is to just meditate upon the events of the day, placing all into perspective, assessing other alternatives to certain resolutions and foresight to situations. Unlike certain blindlight religions, a proposed Satanic Meditation would be somehow filling the mind, not emptying it, but contemplating one's next move.

03 February 2018 @ 05:00 pm

To Me, among other pleasant traits previously discussed {aesthetics, accoutrement, architecture, environment, atmosphere, etc.}, graveyards also represent a rebirth.

The coffin's descending & asscending trapezoidal angles signify the immortal doorway of regeneration, in the rising up and cumming forth, and in contemplation & practice of L'Air Epais.

One's New Year Nativity is an ideal time for a visit - the tombwomb that bestows life!

31 January 2018 @ 07:47 pm

The Fires of Hell emerge from the center of Being
Purification through The Trapezoidal Gate
Through Pentagonal Angles empowered still
Draegon reborn as The Daemonic Phoenix
Revealing immortal form
Enochian Keys, One in the same

Rebirth, sacrificial moon Convergence infernal
Sup Apotheotic Potions sublime
Indulge pleasures, treasures, everlasting life ∞

* 6. Slew of churches burn in a series of arsons.

* 6. Super Blueblood moon eclipse.
* 6. During certain nocturnal observances, a vehicle flips over the side of an offramp onto antagonistic organisms.

31 January 2018 @ 06:36 pm

Fashion a makeshift body comprised of a trashbag tied off at sections such as at the neck to form a head, shoulders, and torso, cinched about the leg area, either hanged at the neck or upside down at the ankles.

It shall be filled with candy treats &/or toys, dispensed therefrom upon striking with bats or boards with nails or barbed wire.

Would make for a fun Halloween tradition to set up in local parks, or even one's backyard.

Content options may be either all candy {treats}, combined with toys, or "tricks", which may be gross, mysterious textures such as noodles, cold spaghetti for intestines {or licorice}, jello for brains, peeled grapes, hardboiled eggs, or olives for eyeballs. These may be marked and known only to the host/s, dispensed accordingly.

Black Mass catharsis: Effigy option - disliked politicians, religious figures, celebritards, personal enemies, grievances, etc.

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30 January 2018 @ 06:23 pm

Poposer: When it is seemingly popular to consciously be a poser on purpose; to be a lame poptardouchebag with little to no substance; merely "talking the talk" without "walking the walk".

These are prevalent in current culture right now, who demonstrate psychophantic "yes man" tendencies, even donning traditional-appearing attire, markings, and certain misapplied lingo, pretending at experience without earned actuality. ∞

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30 January 2018 @ 08:24 am

What if instead of the nararene offering to "partake of his body" in the you-ch/rist, it was the so-called "vigin" Mary with robe open with breasts exposed, revealing a succulent shapely figure? I would suppose there would be many more adherents still!

It is known that the enigmatic appeal of the iconic portraits of nazarene and mother stem from a unisex juxtaposition. In one sense, they are two sides of the same coin representing a Matriarchy & Patriarchy, with and without beard.

Baphomet on the other hand represents Balance, a Sin-thesis of The All-One, also significant of The Third Side and Meritocracy, to prosper in accordance to ability and the mettle of One's Intellect, resourcefulness, and the Quality of Creativity. ∞

So the true meaning of the you-christ revealed: the flesh brings forth the sove. Flesh=Penis / 'Blood'=Semen.

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28 January 2018 @ 05:12 pm

It has been claimed that the name was thought up and inspired by Isaiah 53:5, but what if it wasn't originally "Styper", butt "Diaper" instead, as in those wretched skivvies the nazarene is wearing up on that 2x4? Then those aren't "stripes" after all, but skidmarks!

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27 January 2018 @ 04:39 pm

Magus LaVey alludes to the shadowy constitutional in the essay "How To Become A Werewolf: The Fundamentals of Lycanthropic Transformation" [The Devil's Notebook], wherein it is recommended that one should seek out blighted spots for privacy, performance, and fear energy resonance absorbption.

As one is wont to do naturally upon Nocturnal Constitutionals, to veer towards darkrened spots, alleyways, lonely pathways, creeks, etc., either in the wilderness and/or urban grounds, graveyards, etc., all for a sense of adventure, exploration, privacy, to appreciate the environment, overall empowerment by contemplation, meditation, and the absorbption of accumulated energy by thouughtform projections in places of nefarious reputation, wherein the practitioner effectively becomes the haunter thereof, the shadowy form moving in the darkness, wherein that fear & dread {even Vampyric} dynamic is thusly embodied, combined with energy projected from others onto the Shadowalker, thus enhancing overall accumulation.

Of course, this would be engaged with confidence, secure in oneself and abilities. One's cane and/or certain elements upon one's person may serve as advantages and equalizers if needed, as well as a basic knowledge of self-defense precautions. Musculature, stature, and posture can also be assets.

Overall, the prototypal phantom "no one wants to meet in a dark alley", as it were, otherwise may be perhaps met with cordiality.