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08 December 2017 @ 10:16 am

STAR WARS Hero Mashers
Hasbro/Disney: DARTH VADER

Of course, one of the benefits of a steady series if motion pictures or television productions is the increased availability of items with favored characters in just about every form imaginable. So it was a pleasing surprise to spot this item recently.

At first glance, it sort of looks like an interesting cross between a Shogun Warrior and Vader {I did own the 12" Vader & Boba Fett}. Here, the Dark Lord appears robust and even stronger than usual, as if pumping iron in space. There's a seperate joint with a detachable fist and lightsaber inclusion as well. Does the fist launch?

The play purpose of this battle figure is to blend with others in the line, each with their own detachable parts to combine appearences like hybrids.

Besides Vader, there's Stormtrooper, Bossk, 'Kit Fisto', and many others including Han Solo, Darth Sidius, Boba Fett, and more. As to the figures themselves, these have a sturdy, heavy duty quality and are detailed well.

Overall, interesting idea, but I think I like each character just the way they are.

At any rate, this figure certainly looks fantastic in one's collection. ∞

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The Devils Diary 28

This issue comprises hellements of Helloween, Winter Solstice Satanalia, with observations throughout The Seasons In Hell, Friday the 13th & Fangsgiving, Nefarious News, Noctuarium Satan's Scroll, Malefick Musick, Spechtreum, The Black Earth, Snackrifices. Plus Satanic Serenades and The Shadow Gallery.

05 December 2017 @ 08:18 pm
Krampus Moon

Hellfires burn... The scent of flesh
Wailing on the demonwinds
The beatings of Abyssal skins
Echoing of bones
Blood upon the bramble thorns
Trailing to the foggy Pit
The bells are rung...

Chains echo from below
Krampus Demon, Winter Devil
Eyes aglow in the dark
Outside your window haunt

Prepare the sacrifices
The saintly one denies
Hellmouth opens wide
Into The Cauldron, Feast of Beast
Offering complete
Beneath Krampusnacht Moon

Hills of fire, build the pyre
Bodies on the spikes
Dread shadows arise
Cloven hooves arrive
Upon Krampus night

Unholy procession
Through the snow and flames
Calling to your name
Pentagram of blackened coal
Brimstone, sulfur soul...

Inferno rejoice tonight
A nubile harvest of plight
Devoured and enslaved
Beware those phantoms in the shadows
Branded with The Devil's mark
A lesson learned of fear and dread
Or never to be seen again
Beneath The Krampus Moon

03 December 2017 @ 01:12 pm

In a Satanic Household/Lair, The Pitchfork may be used the way a horseshoe would be placed above or beside a doorway or bed to symbolically collect fortune to rain upon those therein. A cloven hoof may be similarly employed as well.

For the pitchfork, what does it represent? A numerage of combinations of three, such as 666 & trinary comprehension, embedded in Hell & Earth. Also symbolic of Neptune's trident {Water, Leviathan} & Satan's Scepter {Hellfire}, to dispense favorable accumulation in regards to what is desired, which may be considered similarly as candle colors and purposes:

Shades of Darkness

  • Red & Pink: In the bedchamber for Lust & Desire, passion, romance.
  • Green: Money, Mammon purposes, kept in wallet or safe.
  • Black: Baphomet Blessings of Hell, health, overall well-being, protection, compassion.
  • White: A veritable spear of hate & destruction. Drawn in chalk or wax about a sacrificial enemy's location.
  • Yellow: Enlightenment, focus upon educational & scholastic endeavors.
  • Purple: Authority & Dominion.

For these purposes, a small one may suffice discretely placed about the room, or as a main focal point, depending upon preference. Each should be specifically dedicated and activated with concentration, consecrated to The Hellements. During preliminary ritual {The Satanic Bible}, presented before Baphomet, lain within The Pentagram, uttering Words of Spell while gesticulating the conjoined Horned Hands leftwise:

In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus! I charge this trident by [Infernal Name] to hereby radiate [purpose]. May this trident continuously infernally bless Me with [benisence]*. In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus! {Recite appropriate Enochian Key} Shemhamforash! Hail [Infernal Name]! Hail [One's Name]! Hail Satan!

Place Trident in desired location, close ritual.

Whereupon when specifically requested as a focal point, Cornu may be extended thereunto, or held while concenteating upon desire. Thus, with added confidence, go forth and claim the wish to materialize!
* such as sexual gratification, health, wealth, knowledge, wisdom, strength, beauty.

02 December 2017 @ 12:05 pm

This process shall establish a direct connection to the target's demise, and hasten death.

Constitutional DuMort

Alight The Altar, proceed with invocations. Lay coffins within a Pentagram , whether printed, drawn, or etched, side by side before The Altar to bind sacrifices to their graves, and thus shall they begin to sicken and wither to die. Empower rite with tracing pentagram & hexagram thereunto widdershins.

Take graveyard dirt, and go to that place you wish to curse and the accursed therein, in the hour of Satan {9p}, otherwise sunset or midnight, and go forth to porch and doorways, gates, vehicles and pathways sprinkling liberally thereunto uttering words of Spell "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. I constrain thee [name/s] to thine grave/s. Dusc E Bacre! In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus!" with pentagonal amd hexagram tracing with right hand widdershins.

There shall be an almost immediate effect, from vehicle malfunctions, sudden maladies, to overall environmental chaos. Effects shall gradually to dramatically increase until total degeneration occurs.

30 November 2017 @ 01:42 pm

As an adjunct to the principles of timetravel, in the sense and purpose of perhaps correcting a mistake by re-experiencing a situation:

  • Wearing the same clothing.
  • Enacting the same clocktime.
  • Taking the same route to and from. Even the same parking spot, if applicable.
  • Once at the location, taking the same paces to acquire the item, person, etc., then either modifying or replicating behavior towards end goal.
  • Upon possession, exeriencing the acquisition in totality & relishnent.
27 November 2017 @ 05:02 pm
Parolee killed after taking infant daughter hostage during standoff

The infamy of Galster Park has been supplemented by another veritable sacrifice given unto the nefarious legends surrounding it. Now the deceased held his own toddler daughter hostage, threatening to kill himself as well, while the mother pled with Police to save the girl, when a standoff ensued for several hours until shot to death and baby rescued. Good riddance!

Galster Park is the location of The Legend of Zelda's tunnels, where cults and sacrifices are said to occur, as well as the legend of a serial killer likened Fred Krueger was active.

By scouting quite carefully, one may locate an entrance to the subterranean labyrinth below, where the ghost of Zelda is said to haunt.

This brings to mind the Glaxiola case where a girl was dragged to death through miles of Turnbull Canyon, seemingly further stimulating the mysterious occurences therein.

So now that blood has been spilled anew at Zelda's Tunnels, will this activate demonic forces lurking at the threshold therein? We shall see...

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26 November 2017 @ 11:54 am
Satan Claws

Regarding Winter celebrations, I'm all for it so long as all references to the nazarene are completely filtered out. No mangy manger scenes unless modified or desecrated. No carols with references thereof, or only instrumental or modified lyrics.

An indoor yule tree is artificial, and otherwise a living tree on premeses. All Dracorations are diabolical and/or Halloweenish in nature with an added Wintery touch of Evil.

The Hellday is referred to as Wintermas, Satanalia, Yule, Solstice.

Anthropomorphic icon referred to as Father Winter, Satan C/Klaws, Krampus.

23 November 2017 @ 03:41 pm

Since today is the National Day of Mourning for Native Americans who will be recalling the genocides initiated by European so-called "settlers" and their crimes, which only inspires anger, hatred, resentment, and depression.

As History must be hereby writ by impartial scholars and accurately preserved, why not modify, rectify, or observe a gesture of reperation as well. Along with focusing on what to be thankful for throughout the year, but also consider this day American Native Day proper {or "Columbus Day", The Nightmare Before Fangsgiving}, with offerings and invitations to those of such derivation with shared meals and items; hosting a feast in recreational centers, wilderness environments, reservations {as peace offerings}, or even in homes as a true show of a semblence of comeraderie in actuality, instead of those falsified hallmark tales of yore. Perhaps even in the essence of ancestors, trades for goods at certain participating shoppes & stores. I feel this would show a real gesture of acknowledgement with action, instead of the propaganda invented by churches with attempts of justification for cowardly behavior and stereotypes.

Peasant Pheasant

I never really cared for turkey anyway, all dry and gamey meat somewhat reminiscent of ostrich. I've always been partial to ham or meatloaf {ground meat or corned beef}. Turkey just makes people sleepy and demonstrate bad dispositions, contributing to familial arguementation with the resultant torpidness as relief. So why even bother with this invention to give the stupes something to do and spend money on certain items, when one's time, energy, and resources could be better spent in select, complementary company instead of unpleasant, disagreeable, gratuitously contrarian irrelatives.

Dahmer's Diner

It has been postulated that a certain percentage of a combination of lamb and beef constitutes the flavor and texture of "long pig", that is to say, human flesh.

So in the event of an alternative roast beast main course, like so-called "tofurkey" and "turducken", I propose the appropriate nomenclature of this confection be called "sheeple", which is not just a term for the shuffling herds and flocks of the commonality. Other possible names may include "shuman", "lambcow", and "Dahmer's Delight", served up with all the traditional fixings, perhaps even presented in either a clear or reddish gel, otherwise in the likeness of Puaka Balava.

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22 November 2017 @ 06:25 pm


22 November 2017 @ 03:52 pm

I find David Cassidy a thoroughly unremarkable fellow in just about every way. Perhaps the only mentionable element would be his name, which just so happens to coincide with David Bruce Banner, but that is all.

More or less a wannabe rockstar, but was just too lame for the worldiness of that. So he became a one hit wonder poopstar based on his character on The Partridge Family show. Otherwise just about anyone with those general looks could have easily done it.* It was like his name was thrown into a hat and he lucked out. The rest of his "career" seems to have been bit parts in various short-lived shows.

He essentially drank himself to death with decades long penchant for alcoholism. The degeneration is quite obvious whenever he'd pop up on whatever show would have him, seeming obvious that he was intoxicated all the while as well.

In a small bit if separation, I know that probably the only distantly interesting thing is an organization named The Partridge Family Temple which regards the character on some iconographic pantheon, but for personal considerations, psychodrama, aesthetics, and total environment submersion. Personally, between the two, I prefer The Brady Bunch.

Overall, from the show to the covers of the ridiculous likes of teen 'magazines' {which are actually more like pictorials, if anything}, he remains one of those mediocre poptards with little to no substance, and otherwise entirely manufactured at that, which Hollywood just chews up and spits out... or is that swallow?
* Perhaps given his androgynous looks, so maybe he did just a bit more for the part, by attending to someone else's 'part', which may have been the only thing he was ever good for then... followed by nothing.

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