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22 September 2017 @ 12:30 am
Season BelialSeasons In Hell

Season Belial

In the name of Satan…

By Belial, the earth is greeted and replenished by a blessed pluvial manifestation, anointing with The Devil's Rain, a rebirth to the deepest Black Flame. Lucifer extends the Cup of Leviathan unto Belial to sup deeply for the harvest to be bountiful, copiously issuing forth from Dionysian cornucopias, as nymphs and satyres gather, daemons all, maidens and nymphs with fauns and thorny vines, in fountains of plenty one to another.

The masks and faces of Satan and devils of all sorts emerge from shadows of the earth and within, of hellemental foundries sublime, phantoms of the Abyssal mind, cast to dance by Luciferic light, of candle flame and hellfire burning with incensed ebony pyre, 'neath Hecate's visage and Baphomet's Evil Eye overlooking you and I, the dread rites are done and said. Imagination materialized to merge the realms as ether and earth as one forever.

There we see the way to Hallow's Gate, by the carven rictus of the joyful damned, leading to The Infernal Throne.

Senses dynamically awakened by evocative Sorcery of The Black Arts & Witch Crafts, possessed of the spells, alchemical conjurations of intoxicating brews and potions, and talismans, symbols of arcane Power. There Mother Halloween cackles with visions of omens arising in sulphurous plume; Father Halloween ascends from The Pit in fury and grace. Great black wings bring forth the darknessof night, moving as the winds of Hell, coursing through The Black Earth.

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Haunted Noctuary, Black Earth, Infernal & Draconian Empire
Falloween Equinox LII

18 September 2017 @ 01:18 am

While at the weight section of the department store the other day, I decided to have a quick pumpemup with a couple of sets. Then it occurred to Me that there should be someone demonstrating this equipment to draw more attention to them. A sexy girl or muscular fit male could fit the bill. They could take turns on the machines or freeweights, switching out other participants as the shift progresses. This would pretty much be all part of the display. This should be absolutely mandatory of sports stores, as every employee should be in top physical shape, further providing testament to the benefits of weightraining.

Just as there are mascots parading in front of certain shops. as just as there should be certain novelty architecture enhancing the sources offered, like a depiction of the product and/or activity, statue, etc., so it would also be appropriate to have these sample demonstrations, much like confectionary sources offering samples as well. ∞

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17 September 2017 @ 01:48 am

I find the carnivorous feast of The Beast far more satisfying than than the make-believe eucharist of the Catholics, though the premise is quite similar. An offering of flesh and blood in actuality. I mean, think about it - those animals gave of their bodies for you! To give you everlasting life! The least one can do is enjoy it in a celebration of confectionary delights!

After all, in its essence, the you-charistic you-phemism is nothing more than symbolic of oral sex! With the sacred Satantric 69 position being most mutually agreeable. So in its truest sense, it is actually a life-affirming, health-inducing practice, which should be engaged in as often as possible! Perhaps especially on Sinday! ∞

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13 September 2017 @ 01:39 am

I had written about how Jack In The Box should be called "Drac In The Box" during Halloweentime, from about Fall Equinox to about November, complete with said "Jack" temporarily named "Drac" with costume of same, offering fun Halloween-themed toys, and renaming dishes on the menu to spooky appropriation.

But besides this, I quickly stopped in to this purveyor of food to sample an interesting spicy dish, when I noticed the menu has been greatly expanded to include such eclectic varieties such as eggrolls, stuffed hellapinos, burritos, etc., along with their selection of burgers, almost how like Wendy's used to be. The nocturnal "late night" offerings are a great touch, combining seemingly unconventional mixemups to create pretty good samplers, sort of like an American version of chop-suey.

Speaking of, a good novelty idea would be to offer Jack head chopsticks to go with your eggrolls. Perhaps this may be expanded upon in other markets to included holiday versions, comic characters, and more. Like Jack O' lanterns, various monsters, glow in the dark variations, Batman, Spiderman, The Hulk, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc.

Unfortunately, Wendy's has become a bit limted as of late, not even offering breakfast options anymore, or even iced coffee. She still has a great chili bowl though, which I enjoy every time I visit her for a bit more of a homestyle feel. However, female employees should have much more in0character uniforms matching Wendy's appearence, complete with collar and broach, combined with a high skirt, kneehigh socks, and a babydoll dress for best results. I suppose males would end up looking rather like Howdy Doodie or Alfred E. Newman {many do anyway}, which I suppose would add to the comedic value. ∞

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10 September 2017 @ 10:05 pm

A recent excursion yields two more complementary elements to the Halloween surplus upon these fine forthcoming seasonal observations:

Devil mask: Possess them where I find them, from the bestial & monstrous, to the Mephistophelean, this demonic face betokens a masquerade ball, not unlike Eyes Wide Shut, and a veritable Carnivale of The Damned.

Candleflame bulb: I found this somber effect of a flickering flame contained in a clear bulb delightful, ideal for both indoor lamps and outdoor sockets, creating a hauntingly eerie impression to complement a pleasantly gloomy lair.

More Dracorations as they are possessed!

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10 September 2017 @ 09:37 pm

Ed Gein inspired, and reminiscent of the Hand of Glory, utilizing a thief's decapitated head as a literal Jack O' Lantern, sliced vertically as the pattern of the autumnal gourd in whose gauged sockets one can see into The Abyss, and necromantically speak of dread tidings upon the night of All Hallows Evil.

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NEFARIOUS NEWS: Lightning dazzles northern LA County

Mighty thunderclouds formed in the Northern sky, flashes behind atmospheric bodies, looming ominiously silent.

This past forenight, I had requested a Confirmation for a recent rite, and have now received My answer a mere day later. By the XVIII Key, Parapsychological Projection, reflection, resonance, materialization!

It is indeed ànomilous, wherein briefly I began pondering the possibility of it being perhaps artificial, cobsidering the surreal quality, and what an impressive publicity technique to attract attention towards a band performance, film premiere, grand opening, Halloween attraction, etc. An intriguing idea, but perhaps not yet. Ergo, a Hellsent manifestation to be sure.

Lucifer looms in the startled sky, enveloping with great black wings... may those Children of Darkness be comforted, empowered, as those without wonder in fear and/or confusion. For there, up on high overlooking the teeming inhabitants, a Daemonic meeting of The Hellements transpired. ∞

Hail Daemon-Brother, Draegon Lucifer! Hail Daemon-Brother, Draegon Satanas!

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08 September 2017 @ 08:55 pm

The atmosphere intensifies with diabolical revelry as Samhain's face appears in etheric light to decorate al-fresco rustic quarters, accompanied by festive spiderweb lights to create a charming ambiance of nefarious celebration.

To add to the usual unusual Gothic infernal decor, additional celebratory Halloween decorations go up in mid-August, sometimes remaining all year if the new additions are appropriate enough.

The scent of incense, indulgent confections & libations, the sounds of crickets, and the cool night breeze mingle with the incandescent glow of soft lanterns and orange-red lights, with even the somber candlelight by Baphomet's gaze from the outdoor altar. All is well in Hell.

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06 September 2017 @ 11:23 am
Return To Golgotha

A trinity of wastrels there hung for all to see of their treachery, lies, hypocrisy, and thievery. Thusly punished as death looms for their inevitable doom, never to arise. By christinsanity condemned to suffer, ruminate, and perish, while those adherents amble blindly in confusion, misery, and torment; for their kind shall consume naught but the crumbs which fall from the tables of The Strong. Hail Satan!

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04 September 2017 @ 11:06 am

Located in Hong Kong Valley Plaza, this shopping center features a wide variety of Asian products and specialty confections from all over the Orient.

It can be more or less stated that a whole new and ancient world is discovered upon crossing the threshold herein.

It is contingent to peruse such 'exotic' establishments to familiarize oneself with a wider worldly knowledge, apart from the common locations.

There's a deli in the back, and samples dispersed throughout the store.

As a matter of fact, there is a somewhat amusing aisle considered the veritable 'gaijin' aisle for regular American staples such a peanut butter, various canned goods and the like.

I had the opportunity to try ginger chips, Kancho* {chocolate-filled treats}; kimchi {very tart pickled cabbage, onions, radishes, etc.; fantastic for stirfry, and as a side dish}; crab & spam riceballs wrapped in seaweed {spam is very desirable in Japan}; green tea flavored mochi ice cream balls in a rice dough; and 'cream collon' (sic), a cookie-like treat with a fluted hard outer shell filled with cream which can be ingested or blown out like a straw; and a scrumptuous amber-colored large peanut-riddled taffee round.

There is also quite a variety of Nihonshu 日本酒 rice wines and general Sake 酒 liquor as well - the black raspberry caught My fancy.

Shhh... want to know a secret? I have become privy to information that I shall empart to you, should you wish to consider it. Sushi is 50% off every day at 8pm! So stock up and enjoy at your leisure.

An educational and stimulating experience overall, plus Asian beauties abound.

Hail Oyama, Yen Lo Wang!

* Amusingly inreresting to note is an activity some jokers participate in, wherein someone unfortunately bendung over or squatting, wherein the term is bellowed while the instigator rushes the unsuspecting victim in an attempt to insert interlaced hands and protruding forefingers into the cleft!

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03 September 2017 @ 08:28 pm

Olive Wood Fire Pizza

So far I have ordered from this fine establishment twice, to very satisfactiry results. I was pleased to order the 'Cristina' pizza and the buttered Ajarakhan Katchapouri eggdoodle confection, both which are utter deliciousness.

First off, this traditional Armenian dish consists of cheese-filled breadough topped with two fried eggs, which immediately looked Lovecraftian to Me, reminiscent of
this piece featuring two irises on one eyeball. The Eye of Dagon or Cthulhu, as it were. Makes for perfect breakfast fare whenever the madness strikes you.

The Cristina is delectible as well, a veritable Mexican delight fusion - it is a pleasure delving into this senorita's pizza pie, slathered in cheese thereupon, ham slices, oozing with flavor and topped with hellapinos and spicy sauce.

Service is quick, and well worth the tip.

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27 August 2017 @ 06:22 pm