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21 August 2017 @ 01:54 pm

18 August 2017 @ 06:00 pm

Scream BLACULA Scream

17 August 2017 @ 03:06 pm

It has been said that much of the world's 'Evil' has been committed in the name of 'good', which is assuredly true, but much of the world's good has been inspired by Evil.

For without such a superior Evil threat to contend against, there would be no comparison. Therefore, it is also true that much of the world's so-called 'good' has been committed in the name of Evil.

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16 August 2017 @ 04:04 pm


Black Skull bowl: Hard plastic, maybe fiberglass black bowl in the shape of a skull perched upon skeleton hands, rather reminiscent of Ed Gein’s positioning of the skull on the mandible. Good for candy, cereal bowl, and general small item storage. Nice detail.

Black Skull pitcher: A nice large two liter pitcher with an elongated skull face on both sides. Practical, with an artistic sensibility reminiscent of a Hellegant aesthetic preference. {Been wanting this since last year when first spotted, yet certain obstacles have since been overcome}.

Black Skull mug & drinking jar: Both a mug and a jar with lid and straw attachment. Ideal for floats.

White Skull mug: Colorized like bone with boney handle, for those beverages with a preference for drinking from the skulls of enemies. Ceramic.

Devil masks: I. The first, a classic, Faustian depiction with a curled moustache and widow’s peak; quite ideally Mephistophelean. II. The second, a bit more monsterly, demonic creature like, with black horns, yellow snaggle teeth, fangs, and pug nose. I shall call him Belphegor.

Large Black Skeleton hand: Intended as a lawn ornament complete with spike, it serves well for rings and assorted jewelry, as a hand of glory. {Also available are dismembered prop hands, or “hands of gory” perhaps, ideal for gloves, if so inclined}.

Black curly witch hat: An almost Harry Potter design with curled peak, rose & feather; what may be purchased at Diogon Alley. Velveteen & silken {Satin!?} materials; an overall hellegant impression.

Skullanterns: For the back and side yard, absorbing Sorath/Amun Ra diurnally, perhaps placed between sunbrellas for nocturnal illumination igniting upon dusk {complementing Seth} and an enhanced charming ambiance. Very Luciferian. {Now, for a total of 6}. One fully shaped cranium with blackened features, and another decorated with skulls and bones.


Doll chair: A little “doll chair” measuring approximately 6” high, wooden craftsmanship with painted decorations of pine trees, a forest scene, a mighty moose, and fish. Very Pacific Northwest rustic style. Nothing cheap out of a mold here with cheap materials either, but construction with an artistic sensibility, which is inherently Magical. And Boy loves it!

14 August 2017 @ 03:58 pm


My little friend appears to be molting now, and is apparently all healed up from some previous misadventure, which rendered him earthbound for a day, where he rested up. Today he actually landed upon a boot, as if to state appreciation from yesterday’s tumbling around in the foxtail grass. I think either his wing or leg may have been injured; flipping him over while spinning around on his back.

He looks like a flying emerald! Quite a blessing indeed, and a tiding of good omen – Immortality, resilience, rebirth, and strength. Ave Setanas. AMON.

Construction for Destruction

So now not only the Keprhi virtually resurrect from his injured condition, but this afternoon I discovered a beautiful spiderweb gracing the side gate, which always portends wealth, an expectation of financial surplus, & things material; favorable possessions.

As scarab beetles represent Strong Life and Health, so arachnids represent Wealth. Yet another tiding of good omen!

But also, considering a recent justified recourse for punishment upon deserving sacrifices, & the timing of such, to be formalized upon the forthcoming eclipse, this construction for destruction seems appropriately omenic as well, as a veritable confirmation of Is-To-Be Diabolical Machination materialization.

09 August 2017 @ 06:33 pm

King Diamond long rice & Melissa’s rice pilaf

A couple of unexpected possessions from Trader Joe’s, The Addams Family food Shoppe recently – this timeless, King Diamond long grain rice and none other than Melissa's basmati {wild rice pilaf}; as a KD/MF fantom, both were harvested by reaper’s blade for obvious reasons. The logo reminds Me of the one I created.

Both of these confections should obviously be enjoyed by candlelight while listening to KD/MF, specifically the Melissa album for starters, frightmask optional, preferably served in a skull bowl, and just have black fun-eral with it!

Not sure if these companies realize the connection, but no matter, a diabolically amusing feast of The Beast can be sinfully enjoyed nonetheless. Just add preferred flesh, vegetables, perhaps stewed tomatoes, potatoes, maybe even accented with seitan in one’s hellmouth oven by brimstone and sulfurous flame.

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03 August 2017 @ 01:09 am
Tales of Devin Black

So there was a time wherein Devin Black {'Satan'} and the 'Deathbangers' were walking forth towards some destination in the night, when some lame ass thumper car went driving by, complete with some sort of ,disparaging remarks, that merited a rock thrown precisely through the side rear window. Not long after, we continued on our way, some came at us with bats and sticks, though what was available nearby, but long steel rods, which were immediately accessed and used as veritable spears to practically impale the assailants, rendering them crouched and running for their lives - such a victory was invigorating, and hearkened to scenes from Highlander. And My martial arts training no doubt proved very valuable that evening.

Apparently someone had notified Police of the events, as several squad cars were spotted in the vicinity. Not desiring this interaction, I swiftly turned down into a street and silently blended into the shadows, calling upon Satan & His Demons to aid Me in a safe, undetected trip back home. My return to The Noctuary was indeed a stealthy one.

Now, I was in the habit of always carrying My Satanic Bible with Me in the left inside pocket of My black vest, along with all the patches, spikes, studs, and chains, but also certain Goetic seals for experimentation in various situations for various purposes. For this disapparent effect, along with the darkness, among others, present seals must have been that of Baalam & Baal, both of whose attributes are that of dispensing invisibility. I also recall the name Sabnock.

It was later related to Me from those detained, that the Police were indeed asking about Me, per description, and where had I gone. They were told that I go by the nickname of 'Satan' and of My occult interests. The cops agreed that I must be, because I was nowhere to be found. Afterwards, the night was met with celebration.

Interestingly, the location now features an appealing rock castle structure... could it be that certain forces were unleashed that night, causing a connection with that land, thus rooting daemonic energy to eventually establish a Goetic Temple wherein secretive ceremonial rites are performed?

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"Alex Jones" is nothing more than a conspiratorial paranoia-monger preying on the gullible stupes that comprise his audience. In the vein of The Satanic Panic, this misinformation is comprised of hypocrisy, exaggeration, and straight out fabricated lies. A professional deceiver pumping out enough regular falsehoods to see who would take him seriously, upon whom he will bilk with overpriced trinkets and so-called "health" products. A raspy windbag bullshitter. Complete buffoon not to be taken seriously.

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01 August 2017 @ 11:13 pm
Originally posted by dblackthorne at Lughnasadh?
Satyr and Maiden with Basket of Fruit by Peter Paul Rubens

Considering The Satanist acknowledges the seasonal fluxes, ebbs and flows in kind whereupon the shadows grow longer, here is an optional bit of history on the primal Pagan origins of the ancient Lughnasadh, holiday designations, and traditions with relative indications for empowering Satanic perspective & terminology.

Lughnasadh {pronounced 'Lunasa'; a.k.a., 'Lammas'} was celebrated on the 1st of August as a harvest festival commemorating the 'first fruits' which is usually a sort of berry {bilberry or blackberry common, although any sort of preferred berry is acceptable}, along with bread and corn; the latter complete with cob, which is directly recognized as the fertile phallus of the traditional Gaelic God of The Harvest 'Lugh' {may corollate with Belial/Cernunnos*, with impending season of same}.

There are traditionally three festivals comprising harvest recognitions: 6. Lughnasadh being first, followed by 6. 'Mabon' {Autumnal Equinox} and culminating with 6. Samhain {Helloween}. In a diabolical sense, these may be acknowledged with a progression of 666.

Lughnasadh Feast of The Beast

Recommended Feast of The Beast shall be comprised of corn, breads, and berries, such as fruit pies. Potatoes optional. Any symbolic sacrificial meat shall consist of Beef {preferably angus/bull cooked over open flame}. This may be prepared upon one's own fire pit or a favorite steak house. Philters shall consist of berry wines and juices; various cheeses complement these well as another option.

Any ceremonial celebration may follow indications from The Satanic Bible and The Hellemental Mass, with the latter exception that the Communion shall consist particularly of the three primary confections of a single berry, corn niblet, and small piece of bread, either impaled upon a toothpick like shishkabob, or consumed upon a cracker with berry jam. Elixer shall consist of berry wine. Accompany rite with personal harvest narration.

Overall, an indulgent option for those so inclined. ∞

* Hellement of The Black Earth, Lord of the forests, shadowoods; The Beast. Further also symbolized in Pan, Dionysus, Baphomet.

01 August 2017 @ 01:32 am

KONG: Skull Island

Beginning in a WW2 battle between two dogfighting American & Japanese pilots who maintain the confrontation from air onto land, after both crash landing & parachuting onto the hidden island shrouded in mystery and fog, abruptly interrupted by The King thereupon, whereupon the situation immediately turns into a veritable "godfight" as it were, wherein one survives to become a residential part of the island for decades to come.

Predictably, upon arrival and discovery of course, when spotting Kong, whereupon sensibly avoiding the giant anthropoid to regroup and modify plans would have been the obviously better course of action, bad ideas prevail as wasp-like helicopters proceed towards him, merely aggravating until being summarily swatted out from the sky, inspiring the short-lived vengeance & suicide mission of resident Lieutenant Colonel Packard and most of his doomed men, but not after providing a temporary distraction for Kong.

Very Apocalypse Now motif oriented, taking place during the Vietnam conflict era on a likened island {filmed in Hawaii and Vietnam}, from the appearance of the natives to the soldiers, even the helicopters, but without the human on human atrocities, probably due to patron protector KONG. Though somehow the island seems much too small not only for Kong, who actually appears more like Mighty Joe Young, but additional monstrous occupants water buffalo, legions of pterodactyls, a squid, alligator, a spider, and swarms of hellish bipedal dino lizards named Skullcrawlers, who just seem a bit unbalanced; many of which Kong confronts, along with the humanimal, who seem like mere pests in this environment.

Other notable scenes include the aerial dismemberment of one of the group by the pterodactyls.

No beauty & The Beast scenario present here. There really are no personable encounters with the giant ape other than a brief closeup with female journalist Mason Weaver, which gives the film more of a one dimensional effect overall. KONG: Skull Island oversees as more or less an amusing action-adventure monster movie.

The CGI creatures & environments are slowly improving, gaining more detail and flow, yet still not surpassing an animatronic and/or costumed figure. The perfect combination thusfar in My estimation is the De Laurientis film, which delved much deeper into the personalities, psychology, & interactions of both Kong and humans, as well as being much more atmospheric, even placing one within the experience of the characters.


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30 July 2017 @ 07:54 pm
O ye sons and daughters of mildewed minds, that sit in judgement of the inquities wrought upon me - Behold! the voice of Satan; the promise of Him who is called amongst ye the accuser and supreme tribune! Move therefore, and appear! Open the mysteries of your creation! Be friendly unto me, for I am the same!, the true worshipper of the highest and ineffable King of Hell!

Key XIV.

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29 July 2017 @ 10:26 pm

There is a resident scarab beetle hereabouts, a tiding of beneficience, who greets daily on his way across the sky. You can feel the beating wings in the air, and the buzzing of Beelzebub's voice.

Son/Sun of The Morning, Khepri, Lucifer, Dark Angel sublime, and radiant Sorath there emanates pyramidal unholy triumverate, arising gloriously to betoken regeneration, strength, and immortality. For then Sutekh descends to bring forth the bliss of night.

Hail Setan.

Return to the Void by Magister Robert Lang

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